Blogger Secret Santa 2017

I’ve only participated in the Secret Santa coordinated by the Printable Pony (Tracy) twice so far, but both times I’ve really enjoyed both buying for and receiving a gift from another blogger!

This year I drew Rhiannon, from the Horse is Not Black, and got her a horse holster thanks to the big RW sale making it within budget. She also ended up with a pair of socks I regretted not buying a pair of for myself.

Sarah from Three Chestnuts drew my name and got me some awesome stuff! First up is the lead rope! I love the colors of this neat paracord lead rope! Jason used to make things out of paracord but would never make me a lead rope, so now I have one of my own, in prettier colors than he would’ve used. haha When you have as many equines as I do, another lead rope is always handy. It took me a little while to take it to the barn because its so pretty and I contemplated using it as a dog leash to keep it cleaner, then went YOLO and took it to the barn. I’ve mainly used it to wrap around Joey’s neck and drag him out of the barn after he finishes his dinner…I’m too lazy to halter him. This lead rope is super limber and feels really nice and not stiff at all so it gets two thumbs up. Joey does wish it would stop dragging him outside away from his grain bucket though.


Along with the super cute zebra card, she sent a candy cane that took a beating during shipping, which made it easy to treat my ponies on Christmas day! I’m not a huge hard candy person, but Paigey definitely is.


MOAR please!

The other items that I opened were a bag of treats that I like because they’re small enough that I can give them to donkeys without worrying about them choking. They tend to get excited and swallow without chewing sometimes, so small treats are ideal for them. Also included were two Herbal Horse products, the lip balm and the Heal Quick. I’ve been curious about these, so I’m excited to try them out!


Overall I’m excited to try all of my new stuff and I’m sure the ponies will be excited about more treats!

Thanks Sarah and Tracy!

4 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Santa 2017

    • Paige loved the candy cane and the colors are perfect! I tried to find you on fb or insta to thank you but I trashed the packing and didn’t know your last name and kept forgetting to email Tracy! Thanks again!

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