Casual Firsts

So while I could’ve been working with Joey on any manner of things that he needs to know before show season this year, I naturally chose to do something random that he in no way needs to know anytime soon.


Downhill again. I swear he evens out…

Ha. Not that I really “worked on” saddling, but I saddled him. Not even where he is in that picture, but while he was naked and eating his grain. #soresponsible As you can see, I didn’t tie the girth or anything, but just looped the strap through the cinch and pulled it up and tossed it over the saddle, so he wasn’t feeling any pressure from the cinch, just carrying the weight of the saddle.


Before moving it forward and undoing the cinch.

So yeah, I literally walked into the tack room looking for something and was like, “I wonder what Joey would do if I randomly started to tack him up like he’s an old broke saddle horse?” And this was his response. He just kept eating and ignored me.

Part of me felt accomplished, like, “look at my tiny professional!” and the other part of me was like, “oh snap-the saddle isn’t overwhelmingly large on him.” Keep in mind this isn’t my big reining saddle, as it would look huge on him. This is the older trail type saddle my parents bought me when I was 14 and Robin was 2. It’s very light weight and wayyy too small for me nowadays, thus it gets to be the guinea pig for the babies.


Baby Copper even wore it. I was smaller then so I did his first rides in it as well. This was the winter before Copper turned 2, so he was a year older than Joey here.

Obviously we are still light years from time to ride Joey, but I love doing ground work with babies and I don’t see him carrying a saddle occasionally to be a bad thing. I know some people may be freaking out, wondering WHY I’m saddling my baby, but you know what, he doesn’t seem the least bit traumatized by the experience so I think it’ll be fine.


So much irreparable emotional damage. Luckily he has emotional support cat.


Cheddar cuddles

So yeah, that happened. I don’t even have a lot to say about it because I literally put a saddle pad on him, he ignored me, so I grabbed the saddle and put it on gently and flapped the stirrup. He continued to ignore me and eat his grain. I did decide to halter him and lead him around in the barn with it on, but that was equally uneventful. The biggest struggle was dragging his head out of his bucket to put the halter on him.


He takes food seriously. 

So, as usual, Joey only makes as big of a deal out of something as I do. I’m so grateful that he’s so easy. I guess we should start working on trail obstacles to get ready for show season soon…

7 thoughts on “Casual Firsts

  1. He has such a good mind! You can never be too prepared when the time comes. Doing all this now will make your job so much easier down the line. Love this.

  2. I did the same with Grif and don’t regret it one bit! I second what Dom said, you can never be to prepared when the time comes and everything you do now will make it so much easier then.

  3. Yay Joey!
    It was the same with Lito. Well, until I asked him to lope with it on lol then he pretended he was a bronc for half a second. It was funny. He got over it pretty quick.

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