January Photo Dump

I’m gonna copy Dom and just post a bunch of pictures to catch up on random things. Details in the captions.


Looking like a big boy standing with his tire. I started putting his breakfast in the tire because I don’t have time before work to separate him from Highness to make sure she doesn’t steal it. So far she hasn’t figured out that I’m putting it in the tire. hahahaha


Dexter and I did some organizing. This closet is in one eave of my house, another one is on the opposite side. They make for great storage. I’m only about 50% of the way in the closet in this picture. It’s kind of like tetris getting everything to fit…I need to have a yard sale. 


Highness is moving to Georgia at some point. Her new owner has had some crazy truck issues that are complicating things. She doesn’t seem to mind though. I keep dragging her in with Joey when they’re scheduled to pick her up, then tossing her back out in the 20 acre field with the herd when things go awry. 


I bumped his grain BACK because beefcake. He’s getting a little less than a scoop a day between two meals. 


Speaking of Joey’s grain…it was a little hard to get to this night because Pearl the possum was snacking on Cheddar’s leftover and freaking me out. I finally got her to leave but not before she scared me to death a couple of times. 


A tack store had all their stuff marked down 50% off so naturally Joey got a grown up halter. This shopping day was also a blogger meet up that I need to post about. 


Dex snuggles on one of my many snow days in January. 


Poppy and Chloe. Chloe and Emma are pretty large from being pregnant and since Poppy and Russell could use the extra calories as well, they’re all in the lot together with a free choice round bale now.


The extra calories and the lack of testosterone since he’s been castrated have been beneficial for his weight. He was feeling so good the other day that he, Poppy and Chloe were running laps in their paddock. Emma has been off/sore in her hind end for some reason so she hasn’t been running with them. 


The sunset the other night was really impressive. 


It almost makes me forget that I have a random gravel road and soon to be another giant powerline in my pasture…more on that later…

12 thoughts on “January Photo Dump

  1. Great photos! All the animals are so cute!
    Opossums are great, they get such a bad wrap that they don’t deserve… love that you managed to get so close to yours!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I should bother with dumping my photos on the blog, but I loved this format when you did it! I can’t believe how big Joey is getting.

  3. Confession: I shoot all possums seen on my property. EPM is a nasty disease! Might want to trap Pearl…

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