Blogger Meet Up with Julie in January

This was a month ago…I need to do better at blogging…

Since I was off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I decided to take a little road trip and meet up with Julie from Kicking Sand in the Croatan. Julie was my blogger secret santa last year, and after texting on and off for a year, we were finally able to make it work out so we could meet up in person. You see, when Julie drew my name back in 2016, she lived on the coast of NC, which is several hours from me, but this fall she moved to a town closer. Her house is literally an hour from mine now, so it made for a quick and easy trip down to visit.

The tack store that she screen prints in was selling off all of their horse stuff, which partially motivated the drive down. Everyone knows I can’t pass up a good deal. 😉 So I met Julie at her work and we walked the store and talked a lot about horses, life, etc. She showed me the screen printing machine, which I know NOTHING about, but it looked super neat and she gave me a basic explanation of how it works. I ended up grabbing Paige a new halter and lead rope and a halter for Joey to grow into…I couldn’t pass up the pretty purple! I failed to get a picture of Paige’s new halter/lead rope combo, but it’ll make it into a photo one day I’m sure.


He was not being a cooperative model…

After finishing shopping, Julie and I went to her house so I could meet her ponies and husband and we could continue talking. 🙂 Razz and Ranger are both handsome men, and enjoyed the attention. Unfortunately this was at the tail end of the cold spurt we experienced this month, so we didn’t spend huge amounts of time in the cold with the horses. Ranger is very similar to Robin at my farm and likes to be the one to get all the scratches. They look a lot alike too in that they’re little red horses with lots of hair and blazes.

After meeting her husband, Julie took me inside so that we could warm up a little and talk some more. An hour or so later and the sun was setting. I decided to head home so I could get back to the main road before dark, but we had already made plans for our next meet up, that weekend!

So this time, Julie came up to visit me and my herd. We met at my house in town and jumped in my car on a quest for Mexican food prior to going to the barn. Luckily we were blessed with a much warmer day, but it was wet and muddy, so we spent most of our time in the barn. As usual, Joey charmed Julie immediately. His in-your-pocket type of personality wins everyone over. After giving Julie plenty of time to scratch and love on Joey, we stuffed him in a stall and wandered out into the 20 acre pasture to introduce Julie to all the adult horses.


Joey kisses. I swear I’ve somehow trained him to do this when I hold my phone out to take a selfie. Every.single.time.

We took halters with us to catch Paige and Highness. Highness needed to move back in with Joey to wait to be picked up by her new owner (spoiler alert…due to continuing truck issues, Highness is still with me). We brought Paige in the barn and gave her a little spa day before tossing a bareback pad on her. We did try a new Myler that I got through an online auction, but I’ll save my opinions on it for later once I’ve used it more.

I crawled on first, which felt silly because it’s not like Paige needs any sort of riding down to be safe, plus Julie is a stronger rider than me, so if any fresh horse behavior occurred, she would handle it better. Regardless, it was Paige, I’ve fallen off of more couches in my life. I was just excited to be sitting on my horse, I haven’t ridden since the trail ride in October, which feels really odd. I’m looking forward to the weather clearing up so we can do more than wander around in the barn.

After a few minutes on Paige, I dismounted and let Julie have her while I watered the donkeys. She quickly realized why I ride Paige bareback so often…so comfortable! As usual, Paige was very well behaved, and (I assume) did everything Julie asked.


Now that Julie and I have hung out and met each other’s horses, we’re excited to get together and hit the trails and indulge in other horsey adventures now that she lives so close! She did forget her coat with me, so now she has no choice but to do something with me again sometime if she wants it back. 😉

7 thoughts on “Blogger Meet Up with Julie in January

    • hahah Outside of being really hip high, he’s remarkably proportionate. His genetics tend towards big, round features and QH types mature a lot earlier/are less growthy/awkward than the larger breeds I guess. I’m sure mine will be awkward eventually but so far he just looks like a little horse.

  1. How fun! I am glad for you to have more people to ride with! Something you and I do not have as much access to as we do not board.

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