And so it begins…

I work in education, so we’re always planning things out months in advance, especially in my position as I enter the classes for upcoming semesters in the schedule months prior to when the classes will occur in order for the student’s to register early. For instance, I’ve got to have all of Fall 2018 classes entered by the end of this month…something I just found out yesterday. My boss left over Christmas break due to finding a more laid back employment opportunity so I have a interim over me right now, and while he means well and all, he doesn’t exactly know to let me know about important dates quite the way my previous boss did. It’s all good though, we’re figuring it all out.

So basically I say that to bring up that I’m kind of in a position where I think about things months in advance (once I’m reminded to? lolz). I think of myself as a planner, list maker, etc. but apparently my husband thinks he’s the stronger planner of the two of us? Which makes no sense because I’ve always planned everything for us? I think I’m gonna make him plan all our 2019 events just to see what happens…but then again, do I want to risk a year of complete boredom? Minus Paigey’s birth of a Joey full sibling, because, let’s be honest, the hubby isn’t going to pencil that important event in without my help.


The foal fairy can bring me another one of these.



Whoops…that already passed…remarkably uneventfully because snow and such. Though we got next to no snow. But I was off nearly as many days as I worked. Education is where it’s at you guys.


Tomorrow we leave for Asheville, NC to pick up a new member of our family. I’m also hoping Highness will go to live with her new family this month but that remains to be seen.


Nothing planned as of yet. Whattt?! March is fun because the weather begins to change, but also sucks because that change of weather can’t be relied upon to make plans for horsey things. I don’t exactly want to pay for a clinic in another area only to wake up and not be able to get up the driveway to retrieve my horse.


Things pick up in April.

  • April 6-8: Mid Atlantic Paint Classic in Lexington. Originally this was supposed to be Joey’s yearling debut, but K is worried about having her horse ready in time since he’s had all winter off and the weather hasn’t been ideal for riding. We’re both also adult ammy’s who work full time and don’t have our horses in training or at facilities with indoors, so our options are to ride in ankle deep mud in the dark or not to ride. Guess what we pick? I could theoretically have Joey ready for his one class (in hand trail, yearling longe line doesn’t start until after May 15th I think), but if K isn’t ready, I’m not going to ask her to haul Joey to a show for two classes, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Tanner’s (Joey’s sire) show crew and owners will be there though, so even if we don’t haul down for the show, we’ll likely drive down to hang out with them. K is breeding her mare to Tanner as well this year! All the Joey siblings!
  • April 19-22: DC Trip with work. Last year I went to DC with a history instructor and a group of his students and really enjoyed the trip. Despite living 4 hours or so from DC, I’d never been and seeing the area was very interesting. The chaperoning commitment isn’t bad either since all the students are adults, so I’m not worried about losing someone’s child. I am a purchasing agent for the state of VA though, so I’m good to have around in case of a purchasing emergency. Anyway, we’ll be driving up on Thursday, going to the Kennedy Center to see the NSO, then Friday we’ll be going to Ford’s Theatre, to lunch, then to the National Mall area. The students are required to do a scavenger hunt in the American History museum, but since I saw that last year I’m going to venture off on my own. If it rains, I’ll be in a museum, but if it is nice out I’ll be doing my own walking tour of the monuments. If any DC area bloggers want to get together, I’ll be somewhere around the mall from 1-4:30 before getting back on the metro with the students. Saturday is our “free day,” so Tanner’s owner is coming to kidnap me to take me to photograph/ride/hangout with them. I have a great relationship with my stallion owner you guys, it is amazing. After that, I’ll be meeting up with MC (my college roommate) to do whatever we want to do. We generally eat and just hang out and chat. My feet will need a break between Friday and Sunday, so I’m fine with that. On Sunday we’ll visit the Arlington National Cemetery then get on the bus to return home. It’s a busy trip, but I can’t wait.



  • May 5: Vintage Fest thing in NC. I’ve roped Julie into this since it happens super close to where she lives. It looks like it’ll basically be a lot of antiques/vintage stuff, food trucks, and live music. Don’t tempt us with a good time…
  • May 12: My birthday and, more importantly, Jason’s pinning. My husband will be a graduate nurse and ready to take his boards and rejoin the working world. He’s really knocked this whole nursing school endeavor out of the park and has seemed to find his place in the world as far as knowing what he’s meant to do. He was so frustrated when he worked in corrections and felt like a glorified baby sitter (he was at a super low security, easy going facility), so I’m glad he’s found his path to contribute to the world and feel like he’s making a difference. While he’s stressed out with school, you can really tell that he’s loving the opportunity to flex his mental muscles. He had a job interview on Tuesday and kind of has his first nursing job tentatively lined up. Happy birthday to me? I’ll take it!
  • May 13-18: BEACH. Poor Jason has hardly left town since he started nursing school, so as soon as he graduates, we’re skipping town and headed to Florida for a week of sun and sand. We really love the gulf coast area of Florida outside of St. Pete, so we found a condo to rent in our favorite neighborhood.


    Screenshot Jason just sent from one of our favorite beach restaurants. He’s excited too…

  • May ???: Breed Paige back to Hollywood Reminic. Joey will have a full sibling coming in 2019. Naturally Paige will probably go into heat and be ready to breed during the week we’re at the beach…we bred her on May 5/6 last time, so it would be nice if she could arrange that time frame again.
  • May ???: Emma foaling. Naturally if Paige is able to be bred prior to our beach trip, Emma will most certainly bless us with her child while we’re at the beach. Emma is the donkey who started it all, or the one Jason bought me for Christmas when we were engaged, so we’ll both be sad if we miss this, so I’m willing Emma to wait until we get back from the beach. Luckily K is a vet tech and loves me, so she’s going to watch the herd while we’re away to make sure no donkeys arrive without us being prepared.

More of these?


  • The only thing “planned” (hahahahahaha planned…thanks Russell…) in June is Chloe will likely give birth then. Field bred donkeys are charming in that we have no idea of their due dates. I just know I saw Russell and Emma do the deed in May and Russell and Chloe in June and donkeys apparently have a 12 month gestation. Donkeys are fun you guys…


  • July 18-22: Reining Show in Lexington. Obviously not competing in this, but Tanner’s crew will be nearby again, so we’ll likely run over to hang out at least one day.


  • August 10-12: APHA Show in NC. Not confident this will happen at all, but putting it on the schedule just in case K and I want to try to hit two APHA shows this year with our horses.


  • Sept 12-16: WEG in Tryon. K and I have a room booked and tickets bought. Trying to convince Karen to join us. Anyone else going?
  • Sept 20-23: MC&John’s wedding. We’ll be back in the DC area in September for my college roommate’s wedding. I’m a bridesmaid, so that’ll be a good time!


  • Oct 19-21: VPHA Color Classic in Lexington. This is the same show that I took Joey to in 2017, they just moved it back a month. At first that frustrated me, but September is going to be busy enough as it is, so we’ll just freeze in the tent in October…no big deal… This is the one show I’m pretty confident K and I will make it to this year, so if you have any tips for camping in cold weather, send them my way…I’ll also gladly borrow someone’s camper if they’re willing to share…

Another one of these would be nice but I’m not holding my breath. 😉 


  • Thanksgiving. Ha. I won’t have any leave left by November, so I’ll be on house arrest and working all month minus the holiday. Worth it.


  • Christmas. Thank goodness for working in education because I get a really long holiday break. Phew. Nothing planned though.

While all this seems intense enough, I’m really hoping to add some lessons and a clinic or two to the mix. Naturally all of the clinics that are within our driving distance and budget are on weekends that we’re already committed to something else. We’re looking at ranch horse and western dressage clinics mainly, but open to other ideas. This one is interesting…but the weekend of the April APHA show…the struggle. Ideally we’ll find something towards the end of March, or you know, maybe some weekend in April when I’m not already doing things. June/July/August are all pretty open as well, but I’m not finding much scheduled yet. I’m also hoping to avoid large groups of strange horses that late in Paige’s pregnancy…we shall see!


Just a couple of girls looking for a clinic…lol.





8 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Sounds like a good plan for a good year! I *might* be in Tryon for WEG with work. We’re trying to work out the logistics and cost/benefit of being a vendor there. I’d love to go, but we’ll see!

  2. I’m expecting Holly to make the team for endurance at WEG this year. If she does, I’ll be there crewing for her. Maybe we could meet up!!!!

    Also, the foal fairy can bring me a Joey clone too, please and thank you.

  3. Quite the year planned! That is exciting. AND 2 JOEY SIBS!!!! That is really fun. Sorry I have been so MIA. Adulting and life and ya all that. I can not seem to look past my nose these days. What an exciting time for you and Jason. Y’all will have the best time celebrating.

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