Tuesday Thoughts

Since I don’t have a lot to say about any one thing, minus our new family member really (spoiler of my next post), here are some random updates.

Joey is growing and looking more like a grown up all the time. I expected more awkward baby stages, but I think he’s saving them all for show season…as one does…


Look, I’m hardly awkward and look like a little kid’s pony!


Can’t wait for him to shed off and stay clean again…

As far as working with him to prepare for show season, we’ve been slacking. It’s been cold and wet a lot, which doesn’t lead to solid ground for lunging, so we’ve been more focused on working on trail stuff. Such serious work has happened:


So professional.


Much majestic. 

So yeah, we haven’t done much of anything. Notice the mud? So much mud. I’m lucky he’s as clean as he is…

The adult horses have wintered well. Everyone is pretty fat and happy. I’ve got over 20 round bales left since the hay pasture had enough grass in it to keep everyone happy for winter. I have been setting bales out as the weather worsens, but I haven’t been giving them endless hay all winter. I think I’ve fed like 6 round bales all winter to those six horses. I only have body shots of a few of them from the other day, but they all look good. Copper and Paige are just the best at modeling?


Highness made it into this one, so you can see that even the OTTB is living the “range life” well. 


Sweetest face and biggest booty. And y’all keep marveling at the size of Joey’s butt…he gets it honest.


The look of eagles…or something. 


Paige’s version of the look of eagles. You’d think she already had a Joey sibling on the way…

The wonderful thing about this is that Copper has lived all winter looking like he does now without any grain. Every winter since 2014 he’s had to live on HEAVY grain rations and Cool Calories, free choice hay, fat nugget, etc. to stay looking less decent than he does now. I think the Lyme disease really screwed him up…possibly as early as 2014, which is frustrating since we went so long without knowing what the issue was and that I could’ve solved it so easily back then. Now just to see if he can regain the muscle to look like he used to…


Such a hunk before Lyme disease…

The plan now is to a) determine his soundness and b) borrow someone with a sticky butt in case he feels as good as he looks. He has taken a few wonky steps out in the pasture, but he had some bruising the last time the farrier put shoes on him, so that is hopefully all to blame there, if not, I get to go down the rabbit hole of Copper lamenesses again. (Please nooooo…) If he’s sound and acts like pre-Lyme disease Copper under saddle, I’ll be glad I let someone younger and more sticky take the first few rides on him…I’m not the best at sticking his displays of athleticism. I’m obviously hoping he’s sound and boring af under saddle so I can drag him back into the riding rotation. If he’s sound but spicy under saddle, we may be looking at options for finding him a new riding partner, hard as that may be.

Because you know what, I’m tired of having to fight so much to enjoy a horse. I have multiple horses.


Best at adventuring.


Best at snuggles. (Though Joey is coming for her on this one…)


Best at cats?

Plus with the potential of a 2019 Joey sibling, I’ll want to try to keep my herd down to four horses, so something will have to give…

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