Meet Tucker

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but whoops. We’ve got a new mini schnauzer in the house! Dexter has always loved to play with other little dogs, and Ariel tends to be classically hound dog lazy pretty sedentary, so we’ve been entertaining the idea of a new friend for Dexter. Dex has started to put on a little weight lately too, so an increase in his exercise is to his benefit.

So, after looking at several schnauzer rescues that adopt to our part of the country and realizing that they mostly have seniors (which are awesome and we love, but aren’t going to have the energy to keep up with Dexter, and will possibly challenge Ariel’s supreme reign…), we started the hunt for a puppy. We finally found a breeder in Asheville, NC who just had a litter. Her dogs live at home as part of the family, which is the type of situation I felt most comfortable with. I didn’t want to buy from a kennel situation or, god forbid, a puppy mill situation.


King of the couch!

So far everything has gone really well. A few life adjustments that come with any puppy, like watching his every move to make sure he doesn’t potty in the house or chew something valuable. We’ve also been going to bed earlier to make sure we get plenty of sleep despite him feeling the urge to wake us up in the middle of the night. Each night he’s gotten better about getting quiet again after going out to potty and I haven’t even worn my ear plugs the last two nights! #smallvictories



When you get your dog a puppy…

He and Dexter have been playing non-stop since we brought him home. We literally sat Tucker down beside him and they started bouncing and playing. Ariel’s opinion is not as glowing but I think she likes that the boys entertain each other and leave her alone for the most part. Poor girl will be in for it when Tucker is big enough to bounce up on the couch with her whenever he wants. Right now he’s too tiny without assistance.



LOTS of tug has been happening.

Unlike Dexter, Tucker is a vocal tug-of-war player and growls when they wrestle and  tug, which is hilarious since he’s so tiny. They both also love their naps and to be held/snuggled while sleeping, which is wonderful. I love dog snuggling! So far Tucker doesn’t like to be covered up. Dexter LOVES being under the covers and will literally overheat under the covers if I don’t realize how hard he’s breathing and uncover him. He’ll then hop up, get a drink of water, then beg to get back under the covers…


They’re too cute together…


We never planned to be a three dog family, but when we lost Sampson, we rushed to find a second dog for fear that Ariel wouldn’t do well alone. While rushing into getting Dexter wasn’t a bad thing at all in hindsight, I know now how hard it is to get a new dog when you’re still grieving a previous one, so adding a third when everything is going well is a much better situation.


The cute is strong…though I’ll be happy when he’s bigger and faster and can really keep up with Dexter. Right now Dex is obviously taking it easy on Tucker and not thoroughly enjoying him how he will once the games are more evenly matched. I have realized how much easier it is to have a little puppy with Dexter to help entertain him. When Dexter was little he got into so much trouble because he was prowling around looking for something to get into, but if Tucker tries to get into something, most of the time Dexter will distract him before I can even get there to redirect Tucker myself. #lazypuppymomhack20180214_175810


Cutest baby Ewok


That head tilt though. 🙂 

Anyone else have puppy fever? I’ve successfully cured mine now! 😉


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