February Photo Dump

Once again copying one of my favs and putting the info in the captions. Happy end of February and (at least to me, psychologically) end of winter!


We did a brewery tour in Asheville when we picked up Tucker. I surprised Jason with this for Valentine’s Day. He got both our free beer samples and tried another one at the bar after. He said it was good. It was beer, so I didn’t like it, but that surprises exactly no one. 


Would’ve been a cute picture had they left their eyes open. The funny story here is that after I took this pic, I raised my hand a fuzz and the electric fence POPPED my finger. I squalled, threw my phone into my brothers yard instead of the giant mud puddle I was standing in, and spooked ALL the horses. Minus Paige. ha. So, I’ve learned that in spite of the cloudy weather, my solar fence charger is strong. 


Just a schnauzer ying yang.


Highland Brewery. One of the interesting facts from the tour was that they’re housed in what used to be a movie production building. This guy was left behind from some movie project and they repainted/added features to make him Scottish. 


Sorry…lots of dog pics this month…


Two years of this baby floof. Dex tried to be sneaky and sleep with us. 


Definitely NOT picking on Joey in the stall…no…he would never…


Send help, the giant, red one is mean!


Dex loves the walking track at work. We were waiting on K to finish teaching her class. The next day he got to go back to campus, but to be a demo dog in her lab. The students cut his nails, took his vitals, etc. 


My new favorite leggings. 


These two still aren’t wild about living together. Note the busted skylight on my poor barn. I’ve ordered the metal to have all of the skylights replaced with metal. It was going to cost $600 MORE to do new skylights, so I went with the cheaper option of (mostly) matching metal. Mainly because I have the fancy LED lights in the barn now. Now to wait for the guy to install them.


Our derp is strong.


But t shirt weather warrants a selfie! 


The growing…it won’t stop…also, on a fun note, that white box on the shelf above his butt is what he came in back in 2016 when he was just a slimy tube of liquid. One of these days I’ll give it back to his sire’s owners for reuse. We took it to the show in September, but forgot to give it to them. We joked that we’re sending Paige’s next batch in the same box because it was magical. Unless I take it on the school trip to DC, that won’t happen though…and I don’t know how I feel about hauling a sperm box in a 15 passenger van full of students…


A rare cute moment between these two.


Sometimes I wander the farm and try to decide how I’ll change things if they put the road through the farm and make me rebuild my barn. I’m thinking this long level area would be a good spot for the barn with an outdoor where I’m standing. Sampson is buried under those trees on the right. 


More Tucker being precious. 


Copper has been living with Joey because he’s lame and I am actively trying to get him patched up. Farrier pulled his shoes and said abscess/sore heels. After three days of bute Copper was SOUND. Not an abscess. So I contacted a special corrective shoeing farrier to come and treat him like a navicular horse/try to relieve his heel pain. Depending on those results, we may do xrays to determine if he’s actually navicular. I’m hoping he’s just sore from having underrun heels and being on hard ground this winter. Special farrier comes on Friday. Say a prayer. For all of us.


A stack of schnauzers and side eye from Arie. I love all the dog snuggles.


The other side of schnauzer life is this. Dexter hangs over me while I eat dinner…which was buffalo chicken tenders and green beans this night. ha. 


Tucker being cute. More leggings. Sorry. Not really.


Copying baby brother a few minutes later…


Selfie of Jason and I after lunch in Asheville, pre-brewery tour. 


Poor kid fell and got stuck between my butt and the pillow hahaha Insert joke about neither of those being a rock or a hard place…


Yet more dog cuddles. Note the carnage of rejected toys on the floor. They love to play. Well, the boys do. Arie loves naps.


His first time with a girth was terribly exciting. I know, surprising…


A picture of Joey where he isn’t hip high! ha. But really, it was WAY too easy to convince him to try this. The hardest part is that he wanted to put his fronts on the TOP step, which was wobbly and not super worthy of his weight. Now I want to build all the trail obstacles, you know, instead of putting him on the mounting block… It was already cracked when I bought it second hand by the way, he didn’t break it. 


While we were at it, we practiced the whole, I-stand-on-the-mounting-block-and-you-stand-still thing. Also boring. 

Onto March! More rain, flowers, and warmer days! I’m ready!

7 thoughts on “February Photo Dump

  1. I love the photo dump posts 😁 I can’t remember where I heard the quote but paraphrased it was something like “we take pictures of the things we don’t want to lose”. I think it’s fun getting to know bloggers through their photos — especially when they feature cute horses and even cuter dogs!

  2. Ooh, brewery tour sounds fun! I love your leggings. I would definitely pick those over jeans too. I really hope they don’t run that road through your farm 😦

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