Prince Charming Breaks Bad

So, I generally try to share the good, the bad and the naughty ugly on this blog. Today is a special edition because our fine young prince Joey was not on his best behavior on Monday.

A little background. Since Copper’s new farrier told me to keep his feet dry and out of slick/muddy conditions, Copper has been living the pampered stall life with Joey staying in the barn with him as a companion. You may recall that I intended to swap Joey out for Paige recently, then decided to postpone that since everyone’s marbles were rolling around in a manner that didn’t make me comfortable.


Joey: “we is besties.”   Copper: “It is unfortunate that I have to tolerate your presence, but if you leave my sight I will literally try to tear the barn down to see your face again.”

So on Monday, I had a snow day (we got hit with 14+ inches on Saturday) and decided to make the swap since I’d have plenty of time to stick around the farm to verify that my generally calm horses would return to calm after being moved around.

So, after moving Paige inside, I decided to take some cute Joey pictures while the light was good and there was snow on the ground. All was going well, and he was acting like his generally easy going self. No big deal, right?


Such cute.


Still very fuzzy, but much less than a couple weeks ago.

Well. Apparently Joey on limited turnout+not much handling outside of being fed+spring weather+maybe my pheromones from forgetting to take my birth control for a few days and possibly ovulating (purely speculation?)= BAD JOEY. So what happened was I turned to lead him up the hill and looked behind me to see if he was following and noted that he was, pulled to bring him up by my shoulder instead of directly behind me, then I felt him run into me and was initially pissed because I thought the little turd was running me over, then when I went to straighten up and push him to the side of me to beat him, I saw that his front hooves were on my THIGHS. The little $#*%($! was trying to MOUNT ME. Luckily, I’m still fat and not easily injured, so I was able shake him off and fly into rage mode and beat him, until he flailed sideways and I skied in the mud along with him.

I apparently took two pictures during the debacle before I dropped my phone in the mud and started to beat him. Also, if you aren’t fine with me beating my horses, feel free to acquire your own colt then see what happens when you don’t beat him. I don’t beat my horses without reason, and the punishment has to fit the crime. In this case, the punishment didn’t quite match the severity of the crime due to the mud issues. Some continuing education for Joey will follow…but hopefully less beating. 

Once he stopped flailing, I immediately sent him to the end of the lead rope and made him move his feet while I planted mine in the snow in an attempt not to get pulled all over the field. The circumstances weren’t ideal because it was too muddy/slick to do too much out in the field, and the last thing I wanted was to take him back inside and get Paige/Copper stirred up inside again. So I made him think for a while, then walked him back to the barn (at my shoulder…lesson learned…) and made him focus on me until I turned him loose and locked him out of the barn. I then very loudly fed Copper’s grain then left without giving Joey his. I probably should’ve grained him, but was I feeling mad and petty and he has a round bale, so he won’t starve or anything. I resumed graining him the next day, so never fear, he’s not being actively deprived of food.


So innocent…

Yesterday he was reminded about his place in the world (hint, it’s NOT on top of me). K came up to help with all that, but more on that later.

11 thoughts on “Prince Charming Breaks Bad

  1. Ooh, we had a little asshole 2yo fresh cut gelding in for race training at school who loved nothing more than trying to mount people. Homie learned that behavior is tolerated by NO ONE right quick. Damn boys.

    • Best of luck to you my friend! Yours is much more springy than mine. I imagine Joey used all his spare energy for the next three days for the occasion, Presto’s spare energy for one day is likely the equivalent to Joey’s week. 😉

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