If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…

…Copper and I wouldn’t have any. A couple of weeks ago, I made a difficult decision. After sitting on Copper and remembering how he makes me feel, I remembered my desire to put him with a dressage trainer. Then I thought about how I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that until we thoroughly investigate this new NQR situation that may be navicular, may be laminitis, may be Lyme disease, even though at that point, Copper was still sound. ha. ha. ha.

So I decided not to breed Paige back this year in order to dive fully into diagnostics on Copper. If I can’t swing full vet work on the horses that I’m responsible for, I have no business bringing another one into this world. That, combined with my planning for a thorough education for young Joey, had me back pedaling on the idea of a fifth horse. So, breeding is officially off the docket for 2018. Sad, but in the best interest of the herd and my financial situation. Luckily Tanner’s owners are the most understanding and wonderful stallion owner’s ever and are willing to let me breed back whenever I’m ready, so I don’t feel a pinch there.


No more of these for the next couple years. :/

In the meantime, I’m making plans for further vet work. A castration for Joey is definitely on the books for spring, and I want to have Copper’s teeth done and xrays on his front end while he’s knocked out. Then his Lyme disease test results (kind of) came back. Positive. *headdesk* But, upon further investigation, apparently the state lab did the wrong test, so we’re unable to compare his values this year to his previous value from last year (5120 on a scale that 1200 is high…). So we’re currently unsure if he’s positive in a “once upon a time Copper had Lyme disease way” or in a “actively has Lyme disease way.” I am so un-sciencey that’s the best way I can describe my rough knowledge to you. So basically they did the test that just accounts for whether or not he’s ever had Lyme disease ever…which we already knew he had. So now I’m waiting on my vet to determine if we need (literal) new blood, or if we can proceed with the info we have towards treatment.

So here we are. Sitting at the end of our term on this set of shoes and wondering if I should have him reset only to possibly pull his shoes for xrays a few days later, or to leave him in old shoes longer and wait on my vet to determine if we should bother with xrays until after we’ve treated the Lyme? To reset or not to reset. To xray or not to xray. To stuff full of antibiotics or not to stuff full of antibiotics.


Copper votes antibiotics because they come with food. He loves food.

Meanwhile Copper went back out on turnout on 4/11 and lived outside for three glorious days of sunshine only for me to find him lame on his right front this time (he’s mixing it up at least?) and missing his bell boot on that foot. To be honest, that bell boot had been on its last leg (or velcro strap…) for a couple weeks by then, so I wasn’t surprised it died, but I was surprised that he was lame. So on Saturday Copper returned to inside life and two days of bute to take the edge off. This time I made him return to barn life solo because I’m tired of cleaning up after messy horses. *coughPaigecoughJoey*

So, we’re not sure if he somehow stepped on himself and hurt the right front or if the fresh spring grass sparked laminitis in that foot (have I mentioned his sire was laminitic…).The lack of the bell boot and the fact that someone had pawed the trough heater to death in the 100 gallon tank makes me think he put his foot somewhere it shouldn’t have been, yet the bell boot was no where near the dead trough heater. There wasn’t any heat to be felt, but he did have a pulse in the right front. We’ll see how he is when he comes off his bute.


Enjoying his brief stint in the sunshine.

Until then I’m driving my vet’s office off the deep end by calling and harassing them about the results of his Lyme test/what to do. I was more chill about it until he came up lame, but now I’ve reached full crazy horse owner mode.

Because in my perfect world, if Copper is Lyme positive and needs more drugs, they would’ve ordered them by now. And once they arrived, the vet would bring them to me, sedate my moose, float his teeth, xray him if that’s what he thinks I should do, and geld the Joey. Lots of answers and solutions all in the same trip.

So, since all of this is out of my control, I think I’ll buy a bottle of wine tonight. Hopefully it will be on sale?

10 thoughts on “If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…

  1. Arrrggghhh! How frustrating. I hope the vet gets out soon and the answers are the best possible ones that make the future brighter ❤

  2. I think you made a wise decision in not breeding P yet. Well. Here is to hopefully figuring it out. Toast to that with your bottle of wine.

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