Dover Tent Sale Haul

So on Friday, I took leave from work and picked up a friend, S, on the way up north for the Dover Tent Sale. She and I had never been to one, so we weren’t sure what to expect, but the ladies working at the Dover store were above and beyond very helpful. When we told them that we drove over two hours to get there they wanted to know where we were from, etc. and generally just made us feel very comfortable. We were quite obviously the only western/country type horse people there. Everyone else was doing the breeches and boat shoe look and S and I were in jeans and square toed boots, so it was likely obvious we were from the area as soon as we walked up.

By the time we arrived most of the Dover Basement items had been pretty picked over. S was looking for tall boots with an extra wide calf, which, in a perfect world, I need too, but with my only horse that I would show English on the sidelines, I merely glanced at a pair of cheap paddock boots before proceeding to dig through the other boxes. In reality I probably should’ve looked closer at the clippers, but I didn’t feel like spending that much money.


He would never use all my money…

I ended up with the following:

  • A Nobel Outfitters Hailey Long Sleeved Crew in coral heather. It’s a little tight because Nobel Outfitters stuff runs a little small on me compared to other stuff, but for $15 I decided to grab it. Thumb holes and the pretty color made me want it pretty badly, even if my muffin top is more obvious in it.
  • Two pairs of Nobel Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh gloves for $3.74 each
  • A small bottle of Magic Sheen Hair Polish for $1.99
  • A little nose shaver for those stray hairs at shows for .99 cents.
  • A ton of cheap Ivermectin for 1.99 a tube.
  • A tack sponge for $1.99
  • This garment bag for $20.99! In aqua (or turquoise…)!

As you can tell I stayed pretty neatly within a budget that I didn’t bother to set. I didn’t buy anything irresponsible really and the big purchase, the $20 garment bag lolz, was even on my list of things I need/want for show season this year.


Proof! Also…rotfl that I thought I might need clothes for attempting dressage.Β 

So yes, my horse show list is going quite well. Speaking of horse shows, the one that we had initially planned to start the season with was a couple weekends ago and, from the pictures, it looks like the 27th winter this year impacted turnout pretty drastically. There weren’t any yearling in hand trail participants and only three yearlings at the show at all. The one we would’ve competed against in yearling stallions (halter) wouldn’t have been very hard for us to beat either. Oh well, next time.

garment bag

Is it weird that I’m excited about a garment bag?

The abysmal weather at the spring show did prompt me to go ahead and reserve an AirBnB for the October show. If we end up not going or the weather looks unseasonably warm to the point that we want to camp, I’ll have 48 hours before check in to cancel and get my money back. The option for heat and real beds is worth the $65 a night that this little apartment will cost though, so I’m feeling good about my decision.

Back at Dover (sorry for the random aside…), S got breeches, show shirts, Nobel Outfitters gloves, and stirrup leathers. She is hoping to show her young gelding hunt seat this year and has none of the stuff so she was smart to stock up on things while the prices were low. After leaving Dover she and I stopped by the horse center on the way home, but more on that tomorrow. πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “Dover Tent Sale Haul

  1. I have one of those Noble outfitters shirts that’s a wee bit too fitted for my muffin top too, but it’s perfect under vests!! πŸ˜‰

    I am in awe of your responsible shopping. I am not to be trusted. For example, see lat year’s Rolex πŸ˜‚

  2. I was weirdly excited when I bought my first garment bag last year. And then it hung in my closet all season because my horse had cancer LOL ON ME. So now I can be excited all over again this season!

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