Just Waiting…

On baby donkeys! If you’re friends with me on facebook you’ve probably caught a couple of updates.

One, the donkeys are HUGE. Mainly Chloe. I posted this image on facebook and got a swarm of people excited thinking she’ll have twins. She and I both hope they’re wrong. Pic on the left is Chloe two days before pushing Poppy out last year and the pic on the right is last week.



Chloe’s belly is wide AND low. 

Emma is also very large, but hers is harder to photograph. If she’s not walking towards me wanting to be scratched she’s standing in a magical way that makes her photograph less pregnant looking.


Emma’s is just wide. Very interested to see this baby. Emma is the prettiest donk.


An angle that shows Emma’s belly (she’s on the right). 


Got this one then she walked up for scratches. Oh Emma…

Two, they are challenging to milk to milk test. I’m not using the strips this time because getting the quantity of milk from a donkey that I need to use the strips would be challenging. They don’t particularly cooperate for milking quite like Saint Paige, and having to squat in the kicking zone and/or stand on your head to acquire the milk makes it that much more fun.

Emma’s udder did double in size from Sunday to Monday, so I got a little milk out to look at/feel and it is very sticky! She is the easier donkey to milk by far. Chloe has always been more standoffish, so she’s not quite as easy as Emma. I did manage to halter her and get a little to compare and it isn’t quite as sticky as Emma’s, but very close.


You get a glimpse of Emma’s udder (and belly!) in this shot from last night.

They’ve been living in the barn since I returned from the beach. I haven’t confined them to stalls because I’m lazy and don’t want to clean stalls daily. ha. They have obviously still been pooping all over my barn, but they designate corners to poop in, so, despite how these pictures look, they don’t stand around in it. So I basically clean all the corners that they poop in every few days. It’s not a perfect situation, but it allows time for me to work with Joey after work.


A torrential downpour came the other day when I was there so I brought Copper in to a stall since he doesn’t have a run in and Emma went over to say hi. These two have always been frenemies. 

Chloe’s belly dropped the other day, so it looks like the baby(ies) are moving right along and into position! I’m hoping that they’ll both go ahead and foal this week so I can make my trip to the DC area next weekend without too many donkey worries. We all know they rarely cooperate though… 😉 20180527_113039