Here Goes Nothing

So, as you all know, my main “goal” with Copper is to get him living outside. He manages to stay serviceably sound stalled, even with light lunging on the hard ground in the barn and with occasional outdoor lunging.

But every time he’s left outside unattended, he pulls the right bell boot and goes lame on that foot. I lunged him before turning him loose last night, in an effort to get the crazies out before turning him loose to his own devices and he lunged very politely and quietly, only misbehaving by snatching a bite of grass occasionally. Then I let him loose.



He partied briefly, then rolled, struck at the air like he’s a wild stallion, and commenced grazing. I stayed at the barn and watched him for an hour or so just to see where his brain was. I didn’t think the situation through terribly well and his first day of turnout coincided with Robin and Kricket joining Paige in the neighboring field on their spring diet. Luckily (?) they are so fat that they didn’t even care to engage with him in theatrics. Paige did fancy prance around the other two girls when I first turned them out together because she actually feels good where she’s already been dieting for a few weeks.


zomg Robin why?! So fat. 

But, as usual, he managed to ditch the right bell boot and become lame overnight. WHAT DOES THAT RIGHT FOOT DO WHEN I LEAVE?! Luckily he’s not lame at the walk this morning, just the trot. So I fed the big idiot (after dumping his grain in the barn TWICE wtf) and put his bell boot back on while he was eating his half breakfast. We’ll just assume he got all 5 isoxsuprine tabs… #badhorsemom I thought about topping his grain with bute but in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t since it’d just be all over my barn floor. I figured feeling the pain throughout the day today might keep him from making it worse with further partying. I’ll bute him tonight when I hopefully will manage to keep all the drugs grain off the ground.


He’s kind of a moose right now.

The other variable in his outdoor situation right now is that the fence separating him from three mares and infinite (to his stall rest brain at least…) running has no juice on it. Apparently I’m bad at working on electric fences because despite my efforts, there doesn’t seem to be any electricity popping on the separation fence. By the time I realized this, I was wore out from an 8 hour day at the barn and was feeling very “yolo.” So I proceeded with my plan under the premise that Copper is VERY respectful (or petrified…) of electric fences, so hopefully he won’t touch it to realize that its just string in the wind.

He did show his ass on Saturday and tried to maim someone in K’s large animal vet assisting class. Copper isn’t great with strangers and without me there to diffuse the situation he apparently decided the woman attempting to pet him was to be murdered and lunged at her with his mouth open as if to eat her. Luckily he was still stalled and the wall kept her from death by feral appaloosa. K thought that he was losing his mind from being stalled so long, and I’m sure that wasn’t helping the situation, but he’s really just not great with new people plus the fact that there were two new horses and four goats in his barn. Another friend who was taking the class told me that Copper made track horses look like Paige when K pulled him out to lunge some of the crazy off of him. Oh Copper.


Keep your friends close and your crazy Appaloosas closer 😉 


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