Not Quite WW Joey Pictures

Joey is going through some growthy spurts right now, he’s definitely in the gangly yearling stage…or as gangly as a baby potato gets. 😉


Okay, so not super awkward here…this was a good day where he was more level. 


See, handsome baby potato. 


Sometimes a glimpse of the horse to come is just really exciting. 

He’s finally lost all of his polar bear fluff and has shed out SO nicely. I’m hoping that means he’ll be easier to keep clean. I see a bath for him in the very near future. And for Copper too because he’s just dustier than normal for some reason despite nearly daily grooming.

A question. Joey eats out of a hanging bucket now, but is also used to eating out of ground pan. I switched him to the bucket because it was less likely that the donkeys would steal his grain, but Poppy and Russell literally tag team him and take the bucket too! Poppy puts her butt to Joey and threatens to kick until Joey moves out of the bucket, then Russell dumps it on the ground and he and Poppy eat it. I would raise the bucket but the donkeys can rear and dump it despite the height it seems… Any other ideas for how to grain Joey with the tiny tyrants? They’re literally running him off his grain…


Joey- king of donkeys…


Doing a run.


Ribs…what are those?! Potatoes don’t have ribs…On Sunday.


Thus on Monday he’s so butt high that you can see his dorsal stripe despite that he’s on level ground.


Looking like a string bean on Tuesday.


Beside the OG string bean now hunky chestnut moose. Joey doesn’t look TOO little beside Copper, who is 16.1.


Last night (Tuesday) being very hip high and looking oddly long.



We tried some lunging last night…we haven’t done much actual training in several months because winter. Our first show was supposed to be the first weekend of April, but K and I realized early on that wasn’t likely since it wasn’t warming up and our horses weren’t ready. The turnout didn’t look very big from my fb stalking, and from the pics of the other yearlings in attendance, we would’ve done well.

The other two little local open shows we thought about going to appeared to have very small turnout too. For the love of god people…plan the shows later in the season! I know none of us wanna roast outside all summer, but I haven’t seen any shows locally planned for the rest of May…they all planned them at the end of April/beginning of May. We mainly skipped these because K forgot to pull coggins on her horses and Joey had just been gelded. If Joey had still had balls, I would’ve talked K into us taking Joey and Paige and taking turns with them.



The lunging was a mixed bag last night. Previous sessions I’ve felt like I’ve had to beat him to get him to trot and work on the beginnings of cantering on the lunge line, but last night it was clear early on that I wouldn’t have to do much of that, but more trying to work to get him to stop pulling on the lunge line. Omg my hand was SO sore half way through from the constant pressure. He did it last year too, but I never noticed it since he was smaller I guess? K noticed it when she lunged him early this year and said I needed to start working on getting him to stop leaning on the rope…I’m 100% in agreement after last night.

We also need to work on downward transitions more. Apparently yearling Joey has a lot more acceleration than brakes, unlike last year. I can fix that though. Apparently he also goes better to the left, so I need to work on the right circles more so. That one is probably my fault.


The dorsal stripe is wider this year and the white doesn’t completely split it anymore.


He has fetlock ringlets. 

I’ll admit I do have a little anxiety with leaving the herd (and my dogs) to go to the beach for a week, but Jason and I really need some time away to recharge before our busy summer. We have a good dogsitter though, and K plans to watch the herd for me, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Emma has the barest beginnings of an udder coming in, and I predicted she would foal before Chloe, so hopefully she’ll chill until I get back from the beach and won’t leave K with a baby donkey to worry with…especially since the pregnant donkeys are in with Russell, Poppy, and Joey right now. My plan is to move the pregnant donks into the barn once I’m back from the beach. We shall see! Four days until we head to Florida!

10 thoughts on “Not Quite WW Joey Pictures

  1. Would a feed bag work to keep his grain away from the donks? They’re not super expensive, just have to remember to take them off when he’s done eating, haha.

    Have a fun trip!!

  2. Could you fix the bucket to the fence so that they can’t tip it over? You can get one of the over-the-board types and put a screw through each “arm”. Then just drill holes in the bottom so water doesn’t collect in it.

  3. It is fascinating how quickly they change! Every day they seem different. Especially when you do not get to stare at them all day every day.
    He will get even better after he is back in consistent work.
    Ha! Donkeys! I have tried different things, but none have been successful long term except to feed separately. Do let us know if you are successful!

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