On Horse Trailer Camping

First of all, thanks for all your sympathies about Remy. It was hard going to the barn the first couple of days. He’d really gotten to me with his little grunts/attempted brays when he heard me coming, so the little guy is sorely missed. Especially when compared with the sassy donkey baby that Chloe seems to produce, but he’s healthy and that’s all that matters. I just miss fluffy baby donkey cuddles and new unnamed baby is spicy and just wants to run…



The sunrises after Remy’s 5am feeding were nice.

While I was taking care of Remy, I was pretty much living at the barn. The day he was born it became obvious that the only way he was going to nurse was with my assistance, so I asked Jason to move the horse trailer up closer to the barn so that I could sleep in it overnight. I was busy with the farrier (oh yeah, regular farrier ended up getting to put the shoes on Copper btw), so Jason had to hook up the trailer and back it in the barn driveway pretty much solo…in the pouring rain and in the dark. He had a good attitude about it though, which was nice. I was kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier in the day, but my sleeping arrangements had yet to be a concern when we were putting together the supplies for Remy’s splints.


The first night I had to bring ALL the things back to the barn with me after dinner to set up. I’d pulled all the bedding off the bed when I first got the trailer because I figured the sheets had been used by strangers at some point and I wanted to wash them first. I also had no intentions of sleeping in it overnight anytime soon, but oh well. So I brought two sets of sheets from home. The seller told me the bed was a queen, but Mom swore it was a full from looking at it. So I brought a set of each and tried the queen set first. Mom was right about it being a full, but I’d already put the queen sized fitted sheet on the bed and figured it fit good enough for my purposes, so I stuck with the queen sized set. I didn’t bring a blanket from home, but I still had all the bedding that came with the trailer bagged up, so I just pulled their blanket out of it. I may have rolled my eyes when I saw the tag said FULL. In the seller’s defense, they probably genuinely thought it was a queen and hadn’t slept in it in years to know otherwise.


My other concern was electricity. While the trailer is wired up to be plugged in and run lights, I didn’t want to chance my odds with running an extension cord through Joey’s field. Nosy baby horses…am I right? So I just roughed it and took the two working flashlights from the house with me to the barn. Jason made fun of me for taking a mirror with me, but my idea for it actually worked well. I leaned it at a certain angle against the wall, then sat my flashlight down pointed at it, and that reflected the light onto the aluminum ceiling. Tada! Instantly bright trailer.

The first couple of nights it was rainy and VERY muddy. So I set up a mud room of sorts in my horse box. I left my Muck boots just inside the door to the horse box so I could slip into them when I stepped through the pass through door from the dressing room to the horse box and I hung my rain coat on the divider. I didn’t want to leave the door to the horse box wide open to the elements, so I bungeed it closed when I went back to bed. Luckily I’d picked out some random stuff in Ollie’s right after buying the trailer and a bungee cord was among them. After the first couple of nights I had Jason help me pull out the awning so that it would provide shade to the dressing room during the day to hopefully keep the temperature down at night. Luckily the trailer was parked against some trees so the only time it got full sun was before lunch, otherwise the sun was on the opposite side of the trees.


Luckily I enjoyed staying in the trailer. Yeah, I missed having a toilet and some nights it got cold, but it was incredibly convenient to just have to roll out of bed and walk a few feet into the barn to feed Remy. Though I am apparently a little claustrophobic and slept with the trailer door tied open every night. Luckily it has a screen door so very few bugs got in with me, though I made sure to kill all moths and mosquitoes before turning the lights off.

The cool thing was being able to listen to my horses eating their dinner as I fell asleep. Poor Joey and Copper’s dinners ended up served around 11pm that week vs. their typical 7pm. Joey escorted me to and from the barn at every interval, minus when he was asleep, which was often. Joey and his donkeys apparently sleep in the remnants of their hay every night and Copper sleeps beside his round bale too. It was nice to see that even though the boys aren’t kept with other horses that they were still comfortable enough to lay down to sleep. I could literally lay in bed and see both of them sleeping every night.


Joey sleeping in front of the door I used to go in and out. 

I did spend one day insulating the walls of the horse trailer with my mom’s help. I wanted to do the ceiling too, but I want to have a heat/AC unit installed in the roof and the insulation would get in the way, so I haven’t gotten that far yet. I do have a lot of plans for the trailer now that I’ve stayed in it for a week. I don’t want to stuff it full of cabinets like a lot of living quarters trailers, but I do want to finish the walls and put in some sort of steps that go up into the gooseneck that can double as storage for smaller things. I need to leave space in the dressing room to stuff chairs, a cooler, etc. I also want to leave the corner where the saddle stand can be put empty just in case I ever need to collapse the rear tack and move the saddle stand into the dressing room.


My view after some rain kicked up then slacked off. 

I’m really grateful that I slept as well in the trailer as I did. The only time I woke up that didn’t involve an alarm was when it rained briefly and startled me. Once I realized it was just rain on the roof I went back to sleep quickly.

I’m so thankful that I bought this trailer when I did as it made things so much easier and I can tell it’s going to be so handy in the future. I SO could’ve used this when I was stalking Paige in anticipation of Joey’s birth!


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