Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show

On Saturday, Julie from Kickin’ Sand in the Croatan and I went to the Blowing Rock Horse Show in Blowing Rock, NC. After several months of life being busy, we finally made time to get in a horsey activity together. The Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show is apparently the longest running horse show in the United States. The facility isn’t huge compared to the complexes most of us show in, but there is a quaint charm about the place. It’s nestled in the mountains and was a beautiful day to show, albeit a little cold for us spectators.

I attempted to photograph hunters for the first time and it went well enough I guess? I’m not 100% sure what hunters look for in good pictures, but these are the ones I got that appealed to my eye the most.



There were some VERY attractive ponies. Most everyone went clear with the worst case scenario being a chip, but there were a couple of horses with a little more…flair…


This dude had already refused this jump once, so they circled around and he made sure not to touch it.


This horse was super big and fancy. So naturally he bucked. I feel her pain.

There were some super cute grays. They and the chromey chestnut were my favorites.



Another hugely talented horse that was a little…spicy…at times.

The chromey chestnut love is strong. Julie and I both love a big red horse, so we both oohed and ahhed at the same ponies. One (pictured above, not this guy) looked a lot like her boy, Razz. I seemed to get the best photos of this guy though.



His feet tho. 


All the red pony love. 


I’m easily entertained and edited this one to look like it was taken in the 90’s since her helmet gave us vintage vibes.

I wanted to take trot pictures because I seem to have lost my mojo taking those and I need to get it back…the chromey red horse was a generous model for those.


Ponies in the background awaiting their turns.


Such a hunk.

Overall a very enjoyable day spent watching and talking about horses! The jumps were lovely with their rustic charm and the whole facility was well maintained. Julie and I did some research and learned that when the show isn’t going on, they rent out the stalls for use for trail riding through Moses Cone Memorial Park, which boasts 25 miles of carriage trails throughout the estate that are available for carriage driving, trail riding and hiking. So you never know, we may be back. 😉