Joey’s Life Lately

This blog has been missing Joey media lately between baby donkeys and Paige’s western dressage debut, but here are some newer Joey pictures for all of his fans. 🙂 In fact, I haven’t posted a Joey update since before I went to the beach!

These were taken after I got back from the beach. I wanted to give both boys spa days, so I tied them together. Joey is so often handled solo that I wanted to give him the opportunity to be around other horses…even if it was Copper hahaha.


Joey was going through a weird growth spurt that made him 6 miles long…


Does not like Joey or sharing his spa time. 


Okay, he’s over it now. 


Prefers Cheddar to Copper

A few days later I pulled Joey in and hosed him off, but I didn’t bother with soap, just wanted to get the loose dirt off of him. He felt amazing for days afterwards regardless.


Hanging out to dry after being hosed. This calls for a nap, obviously. 


Afterwards. The hair is out of control.


So much hair for a yearling. 


Last shitty screengrab for this post, but when I took this one it made me realize he needs a new photo shoot because he’s so big now.


Well, big for him. Not compared to 16.1 Copper or other people’s monster huge babies. haha.

So I made a point to pull his fly mask and grab some pictures when it was pretty that week.


He would look derpy when in the perfect lighting. 


“Can I get a refill in this pink bucket?”

20180619_20271620180619_202806 (1)

20180619_202927 (1)

Still downhill, but less dramatically than usual. 


Gratuitous sunburst shot. 

At this point he and Copper were sharing the small lot, which wasn’t ideal but I didn’t feel great about leaving Joey in with the donks when I tossed Chloe and baby Rudy out. I’ve seen him run the older donkeys, but I didn’t want him running Rudy.

So instead I offered him to Copper as tribute, so Copper could run him instead. ha. Surprisingly enough Copper took to him pretty well and I never found a mark on either of them. I ended up having to beat them more myself reminding them which pan/bucket belonged to who at feed time than anything. Copper gets isoxsuprine for his feetsies, so I didn’t want them to swap, but being boys (who have BOTH spent quality time eating meals from the pink bucket) they were hard to convince.


They were turning into good buds.

These screengrabs (sorry, I said the ones above were the last ones, but these aren’t as bad…) make me giggle because you can tell how differently their necks tie in and how that effects how they lope. Copper, who is halter bred, has a neck that ties in higher than Joey’s, who is half reining bred half Paigey-wonderfulness*.

*Paigey-wonderfulness because her papers/parents are so old that whatever they were suited for is so dated now that it likely doesn’t resemble a modern discipline. 


I was feeding the boys square bales, but my big moose wasn’t getting enough hay and dropped weight, so I tossed him and Bentley out in the big field with ALL the grass and bought Joey his very own round bale. I could toss Joey out in the same field, but it has barbed wire on 3 of the 4 fencelines in it and I’m not quite ready to toss him out there yet. Plus the grass is so high, it’s a little hard to see where the fencelines are, and since he hasn’t been out there yet, I’d rather it be bushogged first. He’s not the wild free-wheeling baby who runs into things so far, but I’m not taking any chances for now.


Sharing hay before Copper was moved.

Once I moved Copper, apparently Joey got bored. And it rained. So this happened.


My friends! So far away!

20180625_192119 (1)

“Maybe if I’m solid colored I won’t be in solitary confinement? They might think my spots are catching.” 



20180626_182147 (1)

The following day after I groomed him (well, minus his legs apparently lol) and transferred all the dirt to my body. 


Then he was all like, “I’m not touching that mud.” :/

He’s also spent some of his spare time knocking over gates. This is how I found him after work one evening:

20180626_174453The next day he’d knocked the gate between his lot and the donkey lot off of the hinges. So I had a gate to rehang (my brother was nice and helped me, thankfully) and had to herd donkeys. Rudy kicked me once (and attempted to multiple other times) because he was a dumdum and followed Russell instead of his mother, then wasn’t too fond of my guidance when I tried to help him find the gate and his mother. So, I had to let ALL the donkeys back in Joey’s lot then chase them all back out. I grabbed a lunge whip to chase them with because the donkeys like to ignore me when I don’t have it. When I popped the whip and the donkeys ran, apparently that triggered Joey to run from the noise too. Naturally, Joey got to come inside to be reminded to stand while I popped the whip beside him.


Attentive, but still. 

This weekend I decided to let him have some time to socialize and turned him out with the mares Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Paige was the only one who cared at all, the other mares just wanted him to go away and leave them alone. Paige had a lot of feelings when Joey ran to the top of the hill to see his best bud, Copper (video on instagram). She herded him away from Copper and I haven’t seen him up at the top of the hill trying to talk to the other boys since.


“What is this magical white rock?” As if he doesn’t have one in his own field…


I’ve got 5 pictures leading up to this where he’s creeping up on her, she’s making faces and saying go away, yet he kept creeping closer… You’ll note she didn’t actually bite him, that her chin is above his withers. 


He soon realized his momma was his best bet for friendship. 


Then they went inside and gave one another all the scratches in the shade, which was pretty adorable. 

But the best part? I go out and he walks up to me, follows me into the barn and back into his little lot and waits for me to bring him dinner. No fussing about where his momma is, and he only neighs for company when I leave to feed Copper. Apparently I’m not allowed to spend time with Copper either? 😉 So far a good summer for the baby horse to just be a baby horse, though we need to start practicing for show “season,” which is just the October show this year. Now to wait for it to cool down before we start trotting over poles again…


Two derps.



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