Horse Trailer Progress

Things in life have been moving slow lately, but in a good way. I’m not doing a whole lot at the barn since Paige is still off and it’s been too hot for me to want to torture Joey outside of grooming and feeding. Copper is sound and I’m trying to taper my optimism, but that’s a post for another day.

I did work on the horse trailer more during the glorious two day break in the heat last weekend. After several days in the 90’s with high humidity, the 70 degree temps were VERY welcome. I immediately started trying to remember all the things I needed to do that I’ve been putting off where it has been so incredibly hot. I had some impressive weeds growing in my fenceline that I whacked down first thing in the morning on Saturday. Of course, the fenceline is still far from weed free, but I abolished everything that was taller than me…so progress? Farm ownership ya’ll, it’s really not for the faint of heart (or the lazy…like me…lol). I have a sprayer that I can use to kill the weeds, but that’s not happened yet either. One day…

After cutting weeds I hung out with my boarder while she soaked her gelding’s foot, then she helped me with the struggle of the day, insulating the ceiling of the living quarters. It really isn’t too bad when you’re insulating over the bed because you can lay on your back and use your feet to hold the insulation up, but when you get to the part that isn’t above the bed it.will.wear.your.arms.out! I still have more to do on the ceiling, but progress is progress at this point. I’m kind of at an impasse anyway because I can’t decide what heat/AC to install, so it’s not like I can move onto furring strips/real walls and the fun stuff soon anyway.  Naturally I didn’t get any pictures of the ceiling insulation, but here are the finished walls. Well, finished until I rip up the carpet and tape the bottom of the panels.


Mom gave me the little red barn pillow, so I added yet another pillow to the horse trailer bed… 😉


If you ever decide to use 3M foil tape for your insulation needs, note that it will give you “paper” cuts if you aren’t careful. Oddly they don’t hurt like a real paper cut, so you’ll bleed for a while before you realize it. :/

I’m leaning towards a country/rustic interior for the dressing room. Was leaning towards a white wainscotting wall panel, but I’m open to LIGHT natural wood tones, but not ones that look pine. I’m so picky. Sorry, not sorry. So far the colors seem to trend towards neutrals and navy, which I like because those will look great with the inevitable turquoise pop that I’m sure to incorporate. I can’t say that I was upset when my Lowe’s had the mint green insulation instead of the pink foamboard. I much prefer looking at this color to the red that was the interior of the dressing room prior to insulation.

In other horse trailer news, I’ve successfully hauled a horse now. S left her gelding here to see the chiro last week, so I hauled him back to her place. I hooked up the trailer on my own and backed it up to the gate (kind of…lolz) to load him. Backing is the single hardest thing ever. I keep waiting to get the hang of it. My friend, S (not the one that owns the gelding I hauled) rode along with me to coach me. He told me that my trailer is harder to back than a lot of goosenecks because it’s so short that it has a quick turn around. Lucky me. After he coached me on backing it into the parking space at the farm, I was supposed to unhook and go home, but the trailer wasn’t exactly when I wanted it, so I practiced some more by myself, that way there was only my patience to try.


What is this life?

I did eventually get it parked, though still not exactly where I wanted it, but at least its in the shade and the trees aren’t making the creepy noises on the walls now. I’m considering hooking up and pulling it forward to practice loading/unloading Joey in it and to torture myself with more backing practice if it isn’t too hot this weekend.


I’m pretty fond of my rig. 

So, horse trailer progress on a couple of fronts. We may be camping in it in October at the APHA show, so I’m certainly motivated to at least get the insulation completely finished, I just have to wait for the right weather to do it so I don’t roast myself. 😉


3 thoughts on “Horse Trailer Progress

  1. It took me a long time to get good at backing the trailer. When no one was around, I just took my time and worked on it. Your dressing room already looks 100 times better than mine! haha!

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