Another trailer post? Yes…I’m still hung up on my trailer. Like I don’t want to put her back in the lower hay barn because it’s less convenient for my casual renovating mindset…and, you know, I wouldn’t be able to just step inside and try to randomly decide on a floorplan for the remodel with it way down the hill…the creepy ground bees in the hay barn have nothing to do with it… 😉

So, first of all, I’m a member of the Horse Trailer Conversion II group on facebook and I check there to scope out new posts for inspiration often. I previously saw on there that you can determine the age of  your tires based on a code on the tire. Wutttt. So, you may recall that the previous owner of the trailer marked the price down because the tires were “slightly dry-rotted.” So I, obviously naively, was like ‘oh, probably fine to haul with for a bit still. They look okay.’ But the other day I was looking at them more closely, because, like I alluded to in the first paragraph of this post, I’m a trailer stalker, and it looks like the dry rotting has progressed somewhat. Face palm. So then I was all like, I need to check the codes on these tires with that thing I saw on facebook. And, um. MY TIRES ARE ORIGINAL TO THE TRAILER. From 2000. They (and Paige hahaha) are adults now. Eighteen years old.


She needs tires but she’s still my favorite.

According to the infinite knowledge of the HTC2 group on facebook, you need to replace your trailer tires every 5 years. That doesn’t seem like too bad of a number really. And one of my biggest hauling fears is a tire related issue/blowouts, so I’m totally game with every five years to play it safe. So it’s safe to say I need to buy tires before hauling again, which shouldn’t be an issue since you know, all my horses seem to be lame. Well, not Joey, but you know what I mean. Luckily, new farrier guy (yes, an additional farrier…) told me where to go to get 10 ply 15″ trailer tires for $65 each locally so not too awful.

To further drain my bank account complicate my life I need to have my truck worked on soon. It needs the following: a trailer auxiliary fuse, the left hand blinker has a short or something, an oil change, and…drumroll…a new emergency brake. Because apparently I don’t know my own strength and Hulksmashed my e brake pedal down hard enough often enough to break the cable between the pedal and the stopping properties. Luckily all of these things are pretty low cost (or so I’ve been led to believe by all the men that could do it for me but choose instead to talk about how cheap it is…).

The trailer auxiliary fuse will hopefully resolve my issues with indoor lights in the trailer. The running lights, brakes, blinkers all work flawlessly, but the loading lights and interior lights in both the dressing room and horse box just glow briefly when I hit the switch. The HTC2 group says fuse, as does my mechanic friend. Apparently this will also stop the “Service Trailer Brake System” message my truck has been giving me for years now regardless as to whether it is hitched to a trailer or not.


Old pic, not my trailer, but precious cargo you guys. ❤

There are other alterations I want to make to the truck (and obviously the trailer…lolz) as well, but they’re more likely to happen throughout winter for next year. Jason previously pulled the running boards off of the truck (they were rusted af), and while I’ve gotten used to boosting myself up in the truck without them at this point, it is my daily driver and watching friends climb in the truck is funny. I’d also prefer to have new running boards prior to surfaces getting slick this winter since I push against the ground to launch myself into the truck and it’s only a matter of time until my feet slide out from underneath me and I end up on the ground.

I also want towing mirrors. Back when I had the steel trailer, Jason was always like, ‘we need to get towing mirrors for this truck’ and I was always like, ‘that’s an additional expense.’ But now that I’m hauling myself I’m totally thinking towing mirrors would be nice. 😉 The hubby doesn’t read the blog so at least he’ll never know I admitted he was right.

The plug on the trailer and the electric port on my truck vary in the number of pins they have (I can’t remember numbers you guys…) so I bought a handy little adapter thing from Walmart the day I bought the trailer, but I should probably maybe get one or the other switched to match it’s new hauling partner?


They match in color but not in plugs.

SO MANY THINGS. But we’re moving in the right direction. I’ll be calling to get the truck in the shop for the first list of things soon, then will hopefully be able to buy tires in September? My trailer isn’t scheduled to go anywhere until October at this point, so I’m not in a huge rush to get tires, but as soon as I can, I will. I’ll probably ask for towing mirrors and running boards for Christmas…horse girls…we’re a special breed, no? 😀


3 thoughts on “Modifications

  1. Right now on my trailer wish list is a window that opens in the dressing room so I can air it out and it doesn’t smell like wet foot any longer. TMI? LOL yay for showing in a rain storm!

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