Family Pictures

First of all, thanks to all of you guys who shared kind sentiments on my post about the end of my marriage. It was hard to determine how/if to share that, but in hindsight (so far) I’m glad that I did. I’ve also recently reverted to my maiden name on fb, so if we’re friends on there and you see my new (old) name, just glance at my profile picture and you’ll see Joey and know all is well.

Speaking of Joey, I have, YET MORE, pictures from the show. I’m sorry if you’re getting tired of seeing our faces, but he’s adorable and these pictures are triple adorable because they also include his 2 year old half brother, Elliott, and his handsome sire, Tanner. We’d been planning this photo op with Joey and Tanner since last years show, but they were unable to bring horses last year, so it was that much more exciting when they decided to haul Tanner and Elliott down this year.

Tanner and Elliott are truly gems in that, while they are stallions, they are so incredibly affable and well mannered that you would truly think you’re dealing with geldings. I felt completely at ease going in their stalls with them and grooming them with them loose in the stall. I’m generally more aware (as one should be I think) around stallions, but these guys both not only put me at ease, but endeared themselves to me. Like Joey, they are very personable and enjoy quality time with people.


Elliott with S.


I cuddled with Tanner some on Sunday morning before he went home.

So on Saturday night after the reining classes we all met up in the coliseum to take pictures of the boys together. We’d originally planned to scout somewhere outside to take them, but it got dark and made the lighting in the arena preferable. The funniest part of all of this is that we were hanging out in the warm up for a long time while they held a costume class in the main arena. They judged the class by the volume of the spectators’ cheers, so not only were several oddly dressed horses and people walking by, but the volume was pretty loud during the judging process. Our boys just stood quietly without worrying, though there was LOTS of attempted snoodling. Joey desperately wanted to snoodle Tanner and Elliott and Elliott wanted to return the snoodles with Joey. The problem there is that with both of the others being stallions, Joey’s snoodling was…misinterpreted. So Joey ended up having to stand away from his family since he couldn’t keep to himself enough to allow the other boys some peace.


S was willing to intercept the Joey snoodles. It’s a shame my stallion owner doesn’t like my baby horse. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

After seeing Joey next to GIANT yearlings all weekend (ahem, more Presto sized…) it was nice to see him next to horses of his own type. Tanner is only 14.2 and Elliott has already outgrown his sire, but I don’t know his height. Despite being sandwiched between the two of them in most of the pictures, Joey’s height looks appropriate for his age.


Tanner with the assistant trainer, Joey with yours truly, and Elliott with S.


Again, but with L, S’s mother and Tanner/Elliott’s co-owner added. πŸ™‚

I’m so grateful to have Joey, you all know that, but I’m also infinitely grateful to have such strong support from these ladies. They’ve loved Joey and have encouraged me in my efforts with him since day one and I can’t imagine there is another stallion with owners that would care about us like I feel these ladies care about Joey and I. We’re hoping to coerce even more people who own Tanner babies to come to the show next year to expand our “family portrait” with even more young horses! K’s nice bay mare is expecting a Tanner baby in May, so hopefully we can convince her to bring her weanling next fall!


Tanner and Joey πŸ™‚


And no, I didn’t intentionally match my shirt to Joey’s halter. haha.

By next year, I anticipate Joey will be Tanner’s size or bigger. Seeing him with these boys helps me visualize the future and I’m so excited to see how Joey matures over the next year. Maybe he’ll even be saddled himself in next year’s pictures? 🀯


Before we realized we should probably put them closer together. haha


Joey snoodling L πŸ™‚


❀ new favorite


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