2018 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

I’m SO late at writing this blog post, but, once again, I participated in The Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange that Tracy does such a great job hosting. This year, Olivia from DIY Horse Ownership was my Secret Santa!

Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of my gifts when they were still wrapped. I had no chill and ripped into them immediately and flung glitter all over the place. The wrapping paper was white with golden (hence the glitter) unicorns all over it. I had just gotten back from buying my new (used) car and my guy friend who went with me stuck around to see what my gift was and laughed at me when I was covered in golden glitter.

Inside the box was a baggie of Olivia’s homemade horse treats, which I immediately took out to the barn to spoil the kids with. Paige LOVED them. Joey, on the other hand, has only been hand fed treats once or twice in his life and wasn’t sure I should be trusted, which made Paige happy, because MOAR treats for her.


Joey is dubious about treats.

The other two packages contained things for me, not the ponies. A pair of super long Tuff Rider Socks and a super cute leather/gold toned leather snaffle bit bracelet.




So cute. 

I’ve already worn the bracelet a couple of times, but the socks haven’t been used yet because I left both the socks and bracelet sitting on the end table in the living room as a visual reminder to take the pictures for this post…now they can go to my bedroom, where socks are chosen. 😉

Thanks to Olivia for my gifts! Paige will continue to enjoy those treats, though I guess I should remember to take some out to the rest of the herd when I go out there to check on them next. I know Robin will appreciate them as well. Copper is a little weird about treats. Not sure what it says about my herd that my girls love cookies and the boys are picky.

Also, thanks Tracy for hosting this again this year, it’s so much fun to read about everyone’s gifts.

Happy New Year to everyone as well. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity (and content) to utilize this space more in 2019.

3 thoughts on “2018 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

  1. So I totally forgot about that damned paper before I read this. I bought it thinking it was so cute – I mean come on, it’s unicorns pulling Santa’s sleigh. But then I wrapped your gifts and got glitter all over me, all over my house, all over my dogs, and pretty much all over my soul. Then it got all over the car taking it to the post office and I found it in various places in my life for the next few days. I sadly had to trash the rest of the roll. Anyway, I’m glad you liked the gifts.

  2. I love that bracelet! And those treats look delicious… like I seriously might have taken a bite myself…. LOL. Thanks again for participating!

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