End of Winter Photo Dump

So after my last post, you guys would probably like to get some warm fuzzies, I’d imagine. So here’s an update on things that are good, but don’t justify their own posts.

I’ll start out with some dog pictures. Look how cute my kids are:


Getting a picture where none of them are blurry is an accomplishment.


After having Tucker for a year, I finally got him his own tags.


I got him neutered back in February and he’s even more cuddly now, which is amazing.


Dex is still my mischievous little love bug of course. Nothing new there.


After putting it off for ages, I finally had Ariel’s teeth cleaned at the vet. K did it where she works vs. having it done at my regular vet’s office because I thought nervous Nellie Ariel would be happier with K than with people she doesn’t know as well. It went great and her teeth look so much better.


Ariel also sleeps in the bed with me most every night. Occasionally she’ll snub me and sleep in the dog bed on the floor. I never know what I’ve done to offend her, but I don’t take it too personally. 😉

On to horse pictures…


Looking grown up.


I thought about sitting on him this night, but then I realized I’d have no one to document the moment or keep him from wandering to the hay bale with me.


I still love my Hay Chix net btw. I can’t imagine how much hay I’ve saved. And if the growthy coming two year old looks like that, it’s safe to say everyone else’s weight has been maintained well throughout the winter despite the netted hay.


After removing a lot of hair off of his body. Only a ton more to go…

Screenshot_20190320-164818_Slow motion editor

Being chased out of the barn.


The red kids out on the furthest part of the farm. Copper’s topline could look better, but I can’t even feel his ribs, so his first low maintenance winter worked out well. He’s typically grained heavily and blanketed during winter, but now that he’s been Lyme free for nearly two years he’s finally adapted and is low maintenance like he was prior to the Lyme.


His hoof cracks are pretty much completely gone as well.


Paige still isn’t sound, but she seems comfortable. Still can’t decide what to do there. Until then, she stays on (mostly) level ground to not aggravate what is likely arthritis.


Back when it was still super muddy. We’ve finally had some dry weather lately.

I’m hoping to put together a few collages like this of baby Joey versus current Joey for his birthday in a couple of weeks. Looking back at his baby pictures is giving me foal fever, so I’m glad that K has a half sibling coming here shortly. 🙂

Random pictures…


This is what happens when you don’t realize that a tree branch is scratching the paint off of your trailer all winter. Whoops. :/ At least the position and location kind of blends with the decal?


I bought this cute fabric to make curtains for the horse trailer. I finally finished the curtains for the loft area upstairs, so Mom says I can do these by myself. We’ll see!


This was a liberating day. If only I hadn’t had to pay $700 in health insurance for him since he moved out…if you’re wondering how I can afford to send my baby horse to a nice trainer, it’s because I’m finally only paying for me, not for everything for someone else as well.


Cheddar Chee! He meets me at my car to walk me to his food bowl. 😉


Me today, because I’m wearing my favorite earrings and felt kinda cute. haha.


She’s the best.


Seriously though. I’m hoping she always likes me as much as she does now…and that maybe she’ll even like Paige a little once she’s older. 😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The weather is supposed to be pretty here, so I anticipate plenty of barn time!



6 thoughts on “End of Winter Photo Dump

  1. Your mention of Copper and his hoof cracks reminded me but then the search function failed me – what did you use on his hoof cracks? I remember it was a purple spray. Stamp has some and I want to try your method.

    PS I think Copper looks really good, Stampede doesn’t have that much topline ever, particularly in retirement.

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