Memorial Day Sales/Things I’m Selling

While I’m working on the monster that I’m sure my Maui recap post will be, I figured I’d go ahead and write a little something about what I bought during the RW Memorial Day Sale. I’m pretty interested to see how one item fits when it comes in today!

Spoiler alert…I have the most boring sales haul ever…two items, one for me and one for Copper. And, speaking of Copper, I cleaned out my tack trunk and am selling some of his old stuff/stuff that I bought with intent to use on him. I’ll put what’s left at the end.

Anyway, the one thing I bought Copper is a set of cheap bell boots. He wore (a few different sets that have all died) throughout last year, then when he killed the last set, I didn’t have a spare set to put on him, and wouldn’t you know he pulled a shoe the first reset with no bells? I guess they were doing their job. So he’s getting boots back on tonight once I unbox those. (See, I told you this was going to be boring…)

The other item is for me. I’ve always shown in the felt hat my Dad bought me in advance of my and Copper’s first show back in 2008 and it has held up well, but I know that during summer it is more expected to show in a straw hat vs. roasting in a felt hat, especially since I’m not showing in western pleasure where I feel like felt hats are more common.


Baby Copper and skinny me. Felt hat’s first appearance.


Apparently my favorite horse show look is khakis with a brown belt and light colored shirt. Just add 50+lbs and a spotted horse this time. 😉 

When I saw the sale advertised I didn’t even let myself go and look at the website until after I taking a minute to determine if there was anything I needed. I’m trying not to buy anything new since I don’t know how showing with a trainer will be and that’s what seems to be on the horizon. My next show is on Labor Day weekend, and assuming I don’t lost bunches of weight between now and then, all of my show clothes from last year will still fit. Then I remembered that I wanted to look at straw hats as a cooler option for showing in summer. So, due to my complete inability to remember numbers, I waited til I went home on lunch break to see what size my felt hat is before looking. I remembered that the person remarked that I had a small head when I got measured for/bought my felt hat over ten years ago, but that was all I could remember. For my own future reference, I’m a 6 3/4. 😉

So, I stuck with my light colored hat trend and got this from RW during the sale. My 6 3/4 was the last of the Bailey Enzo Straw Cowboy Hat that they had in stock. I’m hoping it will fit because I really like the look of it, at least in pictures. Fingers crossed, because for $47 it was a pretty good deal.


My other Memorial Day weekend activities included mowing my grass, weeding most of my yard (still two big areas to go…), planting annuals, planting tomato plants, mulching around my rosebushes, bathing all three dogs, deep cleaning my bedroom with my fancy new vacuum, and doing 4+ loads of laundry. And that was just Friday night, Sunday and Monday. I only took off the trash and recycling on Saturday before spending the rest of the day at the lake.

On Sunday I took the time to go through my big Stanley trunk to reorganize. I have gone back and forth a few times about selling all of my English stuff, including my dressage tack, but I can’t bite the bullet. I decided to clean the dressage bridle and put it in the Stanley tote vs. having it collect yet another year’s dust without any use. Naturally that opened Pandora’s box and I went through the entire tote. The bridle bag that I wanted to put the dressage bridle in had my two English/hunter type bridles in it. I’ve put off selling them for a while now, and now that I have the dressage bridle that looks nice with the County, I really have no reason to keep them. They and Copper’s Back on Track hock boots went quickly on fb when I posted an album of stuff for sale.

I have a few things left:


Okay, this was obviously not for Copper. lolz. XL Draft 


Stable sheet. 81″ $20


Schooling pad. Clean, stained. $5


Havana browband by Highland Browbands. Navy, red, white crystals. $20

If you see anything you want, let me know. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

After selling the BoT boots and bridles, I’ve more than got back the money I spent during the RW sale…so…winning? 😉

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