A Long Overdue Update

Apparently I last posted on here in October. I actually had to go back and read that to see where we even were in October Joey wise. That’s pretty much all I have to report on nowadays anyway. The rest of the herd is fat and happy on 20 acres of pasture. I have fed four round bales so far this winter, NONE to the horses, but to the donkeys. The 20 acre field has abundant grass and we’ve had a very easy winter so far and the grass has actually grown some. Global warming and all I’m sure…but at least I haven’t had to feed hay? I’m actually selling some round bales to my farrier/swapping out for trims because I had more than I can anticipate feeding before we make more hay and I need room in the barn for it.


The easiest keeper.


The hardest keeper.

Where to start with Joey. As of last week he now wears sliders on his hind feet. He has adjusted to front shoe life well. Trainer is watching his back feet closely because apparently his small feet/his thin hoof walls/the way sliders are made is complicating him wearing the sliders. This is one of those occasions where I’m glad Trainer does my shoeing. He knows exactly what’s going on and monitors it obsessively and fixes what needs to be fixed himself. No scheduling appointments to tell another professional that my trainer isn’t satisfied with something/it isn’t working. Trainer just fixes it himself. It definitely costs more than my regular farrier(s), but I could probably do a whole blog post on the beauty of paying more for things that actually feel like an added value/less stress. This is one of those for sure.

He went to the obstacle challenge in December that I referenced in my October post, but I’ll do a separate post on that since he actually ended up competing and I have a ridiculous amount of pictures to share. I didn’t ride at that one, but we’re planning on going back in March and Trainer will show him in the open and I’ll ride in the amateur division. Which is made possible by the fact that…

New Joey selfies made possible by a long weekend of horse showing.

I now lope my baby horse! And have been for a while now. Like since early November. K went down with me to see Joey and Trainer mentioned trying it on the lunge line and I went for it since I had her there to video me. I love watching videos later, particularly to prove to myself that my SUPER FAST zoomzoom pony is in fact barely crawling along at the lope. In fact, one of my biggest issues at the lope is keeping him going. My fitness is meh. He’s a push ride. I need more strength to push. So I’ve been attempting to hit the gym 2 or 3 nights a week and I ride mostly on Saturday mornings. I’m content currently with my weight and how my body looks (though I’m sure it could always be better and all), I just need to be more fit. I’m seeing myself build stamina on the treadmill already, so I’m hoping that carries over to in the saddle.

And speaking of saddles…wompwomp. My Billy Cook that I bought when I got Paige is now kind of too big for me. Yay weight loss? I can still ride in it, obviously, but I’m not as effective as I’d be in a smaller seat. When I use my legs like I need to in order to cue Joey effectively, my seat moves around and such. I rode in it a few times this fall and was fine until Trainer gave me a lesson and I started trying to actually ride…then it became clear that it wasn’t going to work. I’m shopping for something else, though ideally mine will sell before I pull the trigger on something else. I’m stupid picky though, so finding what I want used has proven challenging. Also, as with everything else in life, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I found a gorgeous custom ranch saddle with turquoise buck stitching, but at $3500 it isn’t likely. (Do we really need BOTH kidneys?)

I basically need all the things. The only thing Joey wore at the horse show in December that was actually his was his blanket. We borrowed saddle/pad/boots and Trainer used his working headstall on him. If anyone would like to send us all of the money, I can tell you exactly where it will go. 😂 I am buying a set of SMBs to save for shows since he’s so rough on his working set. I bought an ugly working set for him last month so that he’ll naturally be gentle on these and they’ll last forever…which means we’ll have to look at them forever. That’s how it works, right?

Body by alfalfa.

He’s changed SO much since last year, which is to be expected since he’s growing up and all, but Trainer really has him looking like the fancy show pony that he’s turning out to be. He doesn’t naturally show a lot of muscle definition, but he’s definitely in great shape. I’m loving having a hairless winter Joey. He stays SO much cleaner and not having to shed off all that white hair this spring will be nice.

I’ll post more soon…at least about the December show. We have FOUR shows on the calendar for 2020, which may not seem like a lot, but when you’re used to one 3 day show a year, budgeting for FOUR of those with a horse in full time training and the intention of breeding a mare in May, it makes things a little tight in the money department. I’ll make it happen though…somehow. 😂

Here’s to a full and fun 2020 with more of this view!



One thought on “A Long Overdue Update

  1. Gosh, he’s just the best and fanciest little guy. I’m so happy for you. Though meh to saddle shopping. Bummer on having to trudge through that process.

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