The Struggle

So my most recent frustration is that Copper is still wearing the shoes from early March that were put on by corrective farrier.

My game plan with scheduling the 4.21 vet appointment was that I thought Copper was close to needing to be reset since I’d seen that he was becoming sore on his front feet. I wanted to go ahead and take the xrays prior to having him reset so if they needed to pull the shoes for the xrays, it wouldn’t be mid cycle, but when they needed to be reset anyway. Rational, I think.

What I didn’t anticipate was that corrective farrier would drag his feet for three weeks. In his defense, the vet did specify that he wants him wearing special shoes which had to be ordered. The spotty communication with corrective farrier has definitely slowed down the progress as far as ordering shoes, and, despite the shoes arriving on Tuesday, I’ve yet to have an appointment scheduled to have said shoes put on.


Insert cursing here.

I have tried to call and it goes to voicemail, I’ve texted as recently as yesterday with no response. I am about to lose my mind. Luckily, my horse is mostly (pasture) sound, but I wouldn’t call him comfortable. He’s been on the isoxsuprine for a couple of weeks now, but I don’t know how much it’s helping since he’s still in the old shoes. When I showed up to feed this morning, he was lacking his right bell boot for the first time since I turned him out the other day, but he was walking¬†sound, so maybe he just did something klutzy versus partying like a rock star.

Let’s talk about the things I’ve learned from this whole farrier debacle:

  1. Maybe I should’ve just kept my regular farrier and trusted him to figure this out.
  2. I should’ve bought the damn shoes online myself back when the vet recommended them instead of waiting on farrier to order them. That way I could be having regular farrier put them on instead of waiting around on the guy with the shoes. If I don’t hear from corrective farrier with an appointment time scheduled at some point today I’ll be ordering the shoes so they’ll arrive while I’m at the beach. At this point if corrective farrier gets stuck with random ass shoes that no one else wants, that’s his problem.
  3. Alcohol is your friend.

I really like corrective farrier’s work, but I can’t stand flaky scheduling.


Hey lady, if you could not drop my breakfast again, that would be nice.

The good news? So far Copper’s integration to outdoor life is going well. He hasn’t realized that there’s no juice on the electric fence (though I should probably try to get juice on it pre-beach trip). I have seen him accidentally touch the wire and he spooks like it shocked him, so I think he thinks he’s just getting lucky that he’s not getting shocked. So this means I’ve been getting out of cleaning his stall and he seems happier with life, which is the best part, despite how much I enjoy shirking stall duty.


He doesn’t look like he’s missed many meals.¬†

I have lots of chores to get done tonight/tomorrow before we leave for the beach on Sunday morning, so the horses will be excited to see me coming with round bales this evening so that K doesn’t have to come out 2x a day to throw hay to them. Busy busy!