Lame Horse Chronicles

Sometimes I feel like I should rename this blog to the title of this post because it seems like all I do is write about lameness struggles, at least this year.

As you guys know, Paige has been lame for a while now. We made it through our first time showing western dressage without too many issues, but on a circle the lameness has persisted. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing about this since I haven’t mentioned it or riding in a few weeks. Well, no riding (of the Paigey) has happened. I am addressing the lameness though. Fyi I’m so tired of writing on lameness issues, so bear with me if I struggle to sound remotely interesting. So. over. it. I’m glad you guys are riding lots to make up for my time being spent squinting at horses on circles looking for lamenesses.

Since her lameness was slight, I had the chiro out first to adjust her. The first time Paige had chiro work done was last year the day she returned to the farm after Joey had been weaned. Apparently that mindset played a big role in what I determined was her distaste for chiro work because this time she stood quietly and just kind of zoned out while J worked her magic. Though, Paige apparently isn’t prone to needing chiro work because, while we were all hoping there was something causing her to be NQR that chiro could fix, J just kinda shrugged and said she felt mostly fine everywhere and that nothing was even actually out. J did see the lameness and recommended that I go ahead and have her reset and see if that helped anything.


New shoes and not body sore. 

So I began the process of trying to schedule CF (corrective farrier from Copper’s spring shoeing) yet again, and he agreed to come out the upcoming Friday only to cancel on me and never reschedule for the following week as promised. I didn’t want my regular farrier to reset her since I was debating on whether the shoe job from him back in May was what was causing the issue in the first place, so I got a different farrier, J (not the chiro…lol) to come out. G, who Copper spent 90 days in training with in 2014 and who had Paige in training when I bought her uses J, so I felt comfortable trying him since he’s worked on both of my horses previously when they were at G’s. Upon pulling Paige’s shoes, J said that the insides of Paige’s feet seemed to be longer than the outsides and trimmed her more level before putting shoes on her. I lunged her for him and the lameness was slight that day, but I could still see it. He admitted that it was hard to see but he could tell she was sore somewhere.


Since then I’ve drug her in and videoed her on the lunge a couple times and sent those videos out to a bunch of people who I consult with on things like this (aka lamenesses…aka the bane of my existence and all I’ve seen in 2018…) and they could all see it as well. Some thought it was in the foot, others the shoulder and yet others in the hind end, but maybe she’s compensating and making herself sore in the hind?

So since chiro didn’t help and being reset didn’t magically solve all of the things, the vet is on the schedule for tomorrow. K and I have a theory on what the lameness might be, but I’m not telling my vet so he does a full work up instead of just investigating our theory. I’m open to blocks and x-rays happening, because I truly want to find the exact cause of the lameness so I can get her back in working order sooner rather than later since Fall is my favorite season to ride.


Not that I can ride right now anyway since it has been raining buckets all week. 

So, does anyone want to take any wild stabs at what the lameness is? Videos of her trotting are here  (6/11/18; first set of shoes/pre-chiro) and here (7/30/18; new shoes/post chiro). Please don’t judge me for my inability to lunge and video…I wasn’t trying to run my mare into a pole, I promise…


Feet pic with new shoes. 

Hopefully the vet will have a solution tomorrow that doesn’t leave me with Robin as my only riding horse, because trust me when I say that is a sad thing to consider. :/