How to Take Quasi Decent Horsey Christmas Pictures

Some fun this frigid Friday morning; how to take quasi decent horsey Christmas pictures in ten steps…

Step One: Desensitize your baby horse. Some horses may be afraid of tinsel.


Step Two: Arrange your decorations as you want them to look for the photos.


Step Three: Allow your model to get comfortable with the decorations and to practice striking a few poses before the shoot begins.


Step Four: Go to the chosen location of the photoshoot and remove the model’s halter. Prepare for the worst and don’t be too attached to your props as anything could happen. Just try to keep any tinsel from being ingested is the main goal.

Joey’s “now what?” face prior to removing the halter.

Step Five: Capture every moment in hopes that in one of them your model will give you something to work with. Sometimes regret not hand feeding your baby horse treats because he refuses to raise an ear and his mother is similar, yet very easily coerced with candy. Swing spare tinsel like a stripper swings a feather boa and cross your fingers instead.


Step Six: Do your best to keep your model’s attention. Sing, hum, throw tinsel at him. 20171222_130702

Step Seven: Admit defeat once your model loses all interest in posing. 20171222_132438

Step Eight: Move on to other models nearby in an attempt to get more cute Christmas photos.

IMG_20171223_213332_982 (1)

Step Nine: Give up completely once your tiny model starts to try to ruin your other model’s photos.


Step Ten: Force original model to carry all the props back to the barn.



Steps that did not have corresponding photos:
  • Groom horse thoroughly prior to photo shoot.
  • Use half a bottle of no-rinse bathing liquid that magically takes spots off of 4 inch white hair.
  • Chase weanling mini donkey for indiscriminate amount of time to verify that all tinsel has been removed from her mouth.
  • Express relief that mother nature allowed you a 50 degree day in December when you are off during daylight hours to take horse pictures. Because that is the true miracle of Christmas.