Black Friday Haul 2018

You know you went a little too hard with the Riding Warehouse Black Friday sale when you actually have to pull up your email confirmations to remember what you bought. Yup, confirmations. Plural. Because I apparently have no chill.

Let me start this out with a little bragging. So, I thought Joey won just short of $300 at the show in October, but they posted the official amounts last week prior to Black Friday and imagine my surprise to see that instead we’d won just short of $500. Why yes, I will Black Friday shop on my horse’s earnings. I also paid my town taxes and water bill with it. So, thanks Joey. There’s a first time for everything you guys.


So naturally, I bought my horsey prince charming a couple things. He was out of his Omega Horseshine and I deliberately waited a week for the sale to grab that cheaper. I also got him this Leather/Rope halter combo because Amanda posted it in her instagram story and suckered me in. For some reason I have a real thing for burgundy lately, though generally that’s on Paige and not Joey, but we’ll see who it fits I guess…

As far as things fitting go, I bought myself an odd assortment of clothes items. One show shirt, one flannel shirt, Noble Outfitters Muds, and a cactus hat because turquoise and purple…I can’t resist. We’ll see if all of these things stick around after I try them on. I had to size up to a 9 in the Muds, so I’m a little nervous about those. Though everything else Noble seems to run small, so hopefully those do as well. The show shirt is the same brand as the one I loved in Lexington this year so I’m optimistic that it’ll be fine.


Same brand as this one. Should fit. *fingers crossed*

As far as things for the barn go, I grabbed a plastic feed scoop. I have a pink one I’ve literally been using for 16 years. We bought it at the same sale we bought Robin at and it has a long crack down the side but I KEEP USING IT. I even already have one of the blue ones from RW but I guess I’m hoping with a second one I’ll be tripping over the blue ones and will lose the prized pink one? Time will tell. I also bought some cheap clippers. I kind of do that. I buy the cheap ones, then just toss them when they stop working or the blades get dull. My current pair is like…6 or 7 years old and they tried to stop on me clipping Joey in October, not that I can blame them after two summers of keeping Copper roached. Hopefully this new pair will fight the good fight too, especially considering there will be less clipping going forward once we transition to ranch stuff. 😀

So, that was the first order I placed. I did make use of the nifty wish list function this year and had everything I was eye-balling for the sale saved on a wish list, which made shopping infinitely easier when the sale went live and I was at the barn ordering on my cell phone. Sadly, the add to cart button from within the wish list doesn’t seem to work (at least not on mobile), so I had to open each item’s page from the wish list, then add it to my cart. Still much easier than browsing the website hunting something that was buried in a big section like women’s clothing though.

Speaking of women’s clothing, I had the Nobel Outfitters Warm up Jacket in my wish list despite already having bought one. Lauren reviewed this jacket ages ago and I wanted it then, but not for the normal price tag, so last month I bought one for $44 with a coupon from Amanda (she’s either a horrible influence and a great resource, I can’t figure out which one…). After wearing it for a month or so, I decided I wouldn’t mind having another one for the barn. You see, I try to keep outerwear separate for the barn vs. everywhere else, but this coat has the nice slick exterior that keeps hay from sticking to it, is actually warm, and fits and looks nice under my big Carhart. I didn’t buy it in my first order because I knew if I found anything else this $40+ coat would help that order also reach the free shipping minimum. #shoppingstrategies So when I realized I didn’t buy anything for my blogger secret santa, I obviously had to do that so I grabbed a second one of those jackets and it served it’s purpose of getting me free shipping on an order than otherwise wouldn’t have met the minimum. I’m excited about having a second one of those jackets so I can dodge bringing a half bale of hay home in my hoodie pockets this year since I typically wear those under the big Carhart instead.

So that’s how Joey bought me nearly $200 worth of stuff from Riding Warehouse this year. And let’s be honest, that’s a ton of stuff for the money! I also grabbed non-horsey stuff from Bath and Body Works, Amazon and a new tv from Walmart. The ex took the bedroom tv when he left and the dogs and I seem to enjoy piling up in the bed to binge Netflix now that it gets dark so early, so I had to grab a new bedroom tv, right? 😉