The Farrier Debacle, An Update

So, if you read this post, you know I’m about at wits end with new farrier. When we left off, he had still not replied to me after I said I’d be out of town until the 18th. Well, the 18th rolled around, we were on the way home from the beach, an ENTIRE week had passed, and still crickets. So, when I saw a farrier supply store in Ocala (aka horse lovers mecca…but hotter…), I bought myself a pair of the shoes Dr. H recommended. So now even if CF (corrective farrier) never shows up, regular farrier, B, can apply said shoes! I texted B to ask for an appointment on the way home, because honestly, I gave up on CF.


I don’t like waiting around on farriers and he doesn’t like standing beside the baby. It’s a rough life. This angle also keeps Copper from dwarfing Joey.

On Sunday I still hadn’t heard from either of them, so I sent B a follow up text listing what I wanted done. This is for my reference as much as anything because I frequently look back at the text messages I send him to determine when I got X trimmed last, etc. I know, my horse record keeping skills are beyond reproach. 😉 So I basically told him that I bought special shoes for him to put on Copper. THEN NOT TEN MINUTES LATER, CF texts me that he’ll be by “tomorrow night.” Insert visual of me stomping around the barn swearing. B has been my farrier for 10+ years and does mention when other clients use other farriers, and that it bothering him somewhat, so I was trying to tip toe around that situation in a way. Obviously by having him put the new shoes on Copper, he was going to see the literal backwards shoes that CF put on and know I used someone else. But I was willing to go ahead and try to explain my way out of that and move on since CF is the flakiest scheduler ever.


When your grain mixing bucket becomes mom’s impromptu fencing bucket.

So now I was back to the point of making a decision on whether or not to have CF come out. Part of me thinks that B will do fine at putting the wedges on Copper as the vet prescribed and the other part of me is still leaning towards CF. So I texted CF back and asked if he shoes draft horses because Bentley is needing shoes and B doesn’t do drafts generally but has been trimming him out of a favor to me, but has stated that he has no interest in putting shoes on him. So I thought that if CF could come out and put shoes on Bentley, I could justify Copper already being in the wedges by the time B arrived. Maybe?

So then B texts me that he’s got me scheduled for the 30th at 5:30. Peachy, wonderful, a farrier that schedules appointments. CF still hasn’t texted me back whether he can put shoes on the draft. So, the next day, when he said he would be by that evening, he texted me that his son graduates from high school or something that evening and he won’t be able to make it after all. Still no word on if he does drafts, but he does say he’ll see me Friday. So apparently now we have an appointment that I didn’t know about? So I texted him back that I have plans on Friday evening (friend is in from Georgia for one day, otherwise I’d cancel and get damn shoes on my horse) and haven’t heard anything yet.

So, I have no idea if he’s coming tonight or not. I texted him to call me when he has a minute a couple of days ago because dammit I need to know if he can shoe Bentley. So I guess at this point Bentley is going another cycle without shoes and B will trim him on the 30th (along with everything else on the farm it seems, my wallet is crying).

So, in summary, regular farrier is still regular farrier and CF is still really hard to schedule and I’m beginning to question if it’s worth all the effort and wondering. I hate uncertainty.


Guess who got turned out on a little extra pasture to stretch his legs since the electric fence died?

BUT, thanks to the magic of isoxsuprine and finally being the recipient of some good luck, Copper is somehow still sound out on pasture in shoes that he’s had on for nearly three months! (Insert more swearing and kicking things about how long those shoes have been on…) It’s getting to the point now that if these new shoes are a good fit (pun intended) that I MAY consider trying to put him in work. Walk/trot. Do you know how weird it is for me to consider that Copper may only be a walk/trot horse, but because of his own health, not because of my intense fear of cantering him?! Not that he’s tried to murder me at the canter lately anyway. He has the best canter too when he’s not bucking. It’s times like these when I give God some serious side eye. Why give a girl a horse with the most wonderful canter only to have him try to buck her off for nine years, let her experience the wonder that is the canter for a year, then plunge the horse into health problems that make it questionable whether or not he’ll be sound enough for that to be the norm again?

I digress. I will note there has been a positive from using CF. Do you remember me referencing spraying Copper’s fronts with BlueKote weekely to get rid of the cracks that he’s had his entire life. They’ve always been superficial cracks, but cracks nonetheless, so B and I have tried shoeing, a weird special clamp thing, etc. to keep the cracks from getting worse, but they never leave…until now. (I am reluctant to share these pictures since Copper’s feet otherwise look a hot mess, but the growth is just too interesting to me…)







So, progress in that department at least. Worst case scenario at this point is that Copper has to wait until Wednesday and I have to confess to B that I tried something different. Hopefully with the five horses to trim and two to shoe he’ll be forgiving? Meanwhile we’ll see if CF shows up tonight and wonders where I am…