Paige Update

So, not much to say here really except that Paige is still lame. I didn’t make her trot long on the lunge, she immediately was lame in both directions and I tossed her back outside and called the vet. He wants me to try rest/bute again for three more weeks then we’ll plan to inject the shoulder.

A) I don’t know how I feel about injecting the shoulder without knowing what the cause of the issue is. Any thoughts?

B) For real though. Can I catch a break? I’m fully expecting her to still be lame in three more weeks and knowing my luck the injection won’t do anything. 😑 Once my life goes to it’s new normal I’ll consider taking her to the vet hospital nearby for a closer look instead of just injecting it and hoping for the best? We’ll see how things go between now and then.

Here are some pictures from her time bonding with her son on limited turnout:


They’re a weird little family. 


At least her weight is good. 


He’s uphill from her. Fyi. haha.


Yes, by all means, share Joey’s dinner. 


Suspicious that I was at the barn in the early morning. 

Because AEP was putting the lines on the poles they planted in my fields, I had to move everyone into the far field, but I put Joey and Paige inside instead. I was worried that they would freak out since the helicopter would be flying low over the barn, so I ran up when my SIL told me she heard them flying in and Paige and Joey were munching hay and napping inside without a care. The helicopter ended up landing in their field. Zero shits were given.



Things are loud, but we are calm and cute. 

So that was a non-event thankfully.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. I don’t have much planned, but at this point, that’s probably a good thing.