The In Between

Well, between the vet appointment and the chiro on (last) Tuesday, we had a few hours to burn. I cleaned Copper and Paige’s stalls, or did as best as I could with limited light since the power was still out. Let me just say, cleaning stalls in the dark is annoying. Luckily Copper is fairly neat in that he poops and pees in the same spots daily, so I know where to clean without being able to see. Paige subscribes more to “go wherever” mentality, which means she literally just goes wherever she is when the moods strikes. This is obviously a little less organized…


Such different creatures…

Anyway, to fill the void, K wanted to teach Joey how to ground drive. It didn’t go super well, but in K’s defense, I don’t think she realized how much Joey’s training went to the wayside this winter. So we ended up working on Joey’s respect for people, especially following the incident the previous day… His attitude after this session, which was mainly a refresher on lunging etiquette and teaching him to yield his shoulders and hips and stay out of our bubbles, was much improved, but having handled him since then, I’ve realized that it will likely need to be repeated regularly before I rediscover the former Joey. The toddler-tude is real.

In line with rediscovering the former Joey comes something that I had initially planned to postpone a bit longer…castration. Joey has been quite full of himself lately and has been attempting to seduce his own mother. Paige and Joey have previously been kept separate because he inspires lactation in her and she looses her marbles when she remembers that she is his mother. Now it seems that they’ll have to remain separated lest he forget he’s her son. So the next time I have the vet out, surgery will commence.

I’m not silly enough to think that removing his balls with solve all of our problems with attitude and discipline since he’ll still be a baby horse and all, but if the lack of testosterone makes things easier, who am I to take the hard path. Pass. I prefer easy. Or easier. So goodbye manhood, we will not miss you.

After being finished with Joey, I lunged Copper inside so that K could see how he’s going after being shod. She hasn’t seen him move (outside of the 300 obsessive videos I’ve sent her in messenger…) since he was very lame before being shod, so the difference was easily seen and we’re optimistic about his future. Despite that he’s only been worked on the hard ground in the barn, he seems comfortable and at ease. It was a pretty anti-climatic lunging session, so we moved on to Paige.


“Mom, it’s dark in here.” 

Lunging Paige is dumb, in case you didn’t know. It’s akin to taking your grandma to the playground to let off steam before she has to sit through a church service…just not necessary. So I put the bareback pad and her normal bridle on Paige and rode for a bit, then J (K’s cousin) got on Jade and joined us in the barn. He pulled out Joey’s big ball to play with and his mare gave it big eyes and wasn’t wild about the idea. I’ve not really moved the ball around with Paige, but I pointed her to it and, though she tried to avoid it more than actually move it, she moved it around a fair amount before I got bored with it and K stole Paige from me.

I started cleaning Paige’s stall while K was riding her, but asked her if she had the curb bit that she’d previously mentioned trying on Paige in the trailer by any chance. So she ran out to the trailer and grabbed it and worked on one handed work with Paige. I have no idea if she’s ever been ridden in a curb since she was 14 when I got her, and that’s a lot of life lived elsewhere. It’s very likely that she’s had one in her mouth before, and she did well with it. K had me crawl back on her to feel the difference and I have a lot to learn about being quiet enough with my hands before I use it on her regularly. I can see me trying it more while K is there to give me pointers. Since then I’ve been on Paige twice in her normal bit and using the curb on her gave her a bit of a tune up where neck reining is concerned, so that was nice.


Normal bit. Because taking pictures of new equipment is apparently overrated…

The chiro showed up after this, so Paige got put in her stall, Jade and Copper were adjusted, and I fed their dinner before we grabbed Joey to throw him on and off K’s trailer a few times for good measure. Since I don’t have a trailer, I have few opportunities to show them to Joey, and since K hauls us everywhere, she has a vested interest in Joey’s loading/unloading ability.

This was a very casual trailer loading session. K walked Joey up to the trailer and he followed her on and off 3 or 4 times before we called it quits. Apparently all of my work with asking him to step up on things has come in handy because he didn’t even question stepping all the way up on the trailer.


King of the world, obviously.

K also rode Robin around the barn earlier in the day before we tossed her back out in the 20 acre pasture. Robin is my fourth horse that everyone forgets about because I use her so seldom, and there was a running joke for a while because K was always asking if Robin is ride-able, so since Robin was inside and fairly clean, I made K ride her long enough to prove that she was ride-able. K seemed to like Robin and was surprised I don’t do more with her than I do. I really just have too many horses to ride the one that spooks at trees she’s literally seen for 16 years…red mares you guys…

At this point we’d been at the farm for over 6 hours and were all tired and done for the day, so I tossed Joey back in the field and rode home with Kayla to unhook the trailer and reclaim my truck. It was a long, but productive day!