Just Thoughts

The dressage show is Saturday and I don’t know ride times yet, which isn’t too big of a deal since its Thursday, but I’d like to know if I’m allowed to show with the fly mask since that determines whether Paige goes on the trailer or stays home. I emailed the lady organizing the show on Monday and have yet to hear a response. I talked to a local instructor who shows there often and she encouraged me to message the trainer at the facility the show will be held at since she’s likely calling the shots on such matters, but I haven’t heard from her yet either, though I didn’t send that FB message until last night. Of course, since I’m not friends with her on FB, the message has sent, but hasn’t been seen yet because I’m probably chilling in her “other” folder.


Hi, my name is Paige. I enjoy cookies, poking my eyes on things and making it impossible for the farrier to figure out where my foot hurts because I’m so stoic to hoof testers. 

So meanwhile I’ve been half way fretting about showing (but not enough to memorize my tests apparently) and half way thinking, “what would I do if there were some reason to retire Paige soon?”

Yeah, having to retire your second of two good riding horses that you own isn’t a pleasant thought. Especially if they were to both need to be retired before Joey is of age to be ridden, and even then, he’ll spend a while with a trainer, though I don’t know who yet, so my days of using him regularly without supervision are a ways off. Though I’m not very competitive, so a few years without riding wouldn’t kill me…but I do have a fourth horse after all…

So…umm…looking at you Robin. The little red horse has managed to slide under the radar for a long time. She’s 16 now, so I don’t expect a lot out of her (as far as serious training), but after watching K ride her the other day, there’s no reason she can’t go WTC quietly in case I need a backup pony. She’s not the horse I’d want to take to the mountain for 10 miles (Paige remains the only horse I’m comfortable with that much seat time in unfamiliar scenarios), but to tinker around on the farm or do arena work, she should be able to fit the bill.


Hi, I’m Robin. I enjoy eating all the grass and not carrying people around often.

Of course, there are some people who are likely in the wings thinking that Copper’s diagnosis doesn’t necessarily spell retirement, which is true. He’s wearing his fancy shoes and getting his meds and he seems much more comfortable on turnout, and is even going to get turned out in his normal grassy haven soon, but I have noticed that he’s sore after work. Copper is also the type of horse that, in order to be on his best behavior for WTC rides outside of the barn, has to be in regular work. Just spontaneously riding him and expecting prince charming behavior isn’t very realistic, and keeping him in regular work would be hard if he’s getting ouchy after light lunging, so unless I see some sort of change, I’m still considering him retired. And if someone else tells me about a story of some navicular horse who is still in regular work without telling me something tangible that I haven’t already tried, I might throw isoxsuprine at them. Fair warning. Trust me when I say no one wants this horse sound more than me…

So yeah, Robin’s time for personal development may be nigh. I’m not thinking Paige’s lameness is anything career ending, but having a second riding horse in the wings wouldn’t be a bad idea until Joey is on the roster so to speak. Right now K is planning on riding her when she comes over, so that’ll help. If I ever find a money tree I might try to send her to someone with an arena to get her loping more consistently as that’s where the biggest holes are in her training and it’s hard to get them loping nicely in a hilly field.

Until then we’ll just lay low, see what happens with Paige’s lameness (I’m predicting a full recovery once the show is over and we aren’t prepping for anything else…) and try to coerce K into riding with us as much as possible so we can get some more practice in on both mares…plus riding with friends is so much more fun!


If you know of a competition for most shiny horse, we’ll win that. It’s hair coats like hers that really put grooming products to shame. She’s not had an actual soap bath in well over ten years…and honestly hasn’t been brushed since…jeez, I don’t even know…