So, the good news is that Paige’s diet/exercise program has her looking like a much healthier version of her curvy self. I forgot how any sort of consistent riding helps her look less like a hippo. If she were actually ridden 5x a week, she could probably go out on actual grass! Alas, with the heat, that isn’t terribly likely. That, plus any “actual grass” on my farm basically equals a hay field right now.


Body by dieting and three rides.

The bad news is two things. First of all, I’m not wild at all about how her feet look post farrier visit. I’ll admit that I wasn’t watching him closely (at all) when he put her shoes on because he came the day Remy was born and Paige was the last horse he worked on at my place. She was his seventh horse at my place (only she and Copper received shoes though) so I don’t know if he was tired or what, but my friend S was over yesterday and she even said they don’t look like the typical quality of his work. He put shoes on Paige’s hinds that look a size too big and have been shaped to “fit” her. So, between that and her angles (mainly the angles…), I’m not surprised that she’s lame.


Is never naughty, so she isn’t sure why the lunging is happening…gotta evaluate that gimp somehow…

For whatever reason he apparently leaves too much heel on Paige and not enough on Copper. So, with the added heels on his wedges, Copper is more sound than Paige right now. *headdesk* Naturally this is not how I’d like things to be before a show. Her lameness is luckily very slight, to the point that I couldn’t feel it the first day I rode her. I have a text in to farrier to return to figure out why the heck she’s lame, but vet has told me to give her bute if I plan to ride, that it really isn’t that bad.

Which brings me to the second thing, I had to call the vet out because Paige decided to poke her eye on something. *more headdesk* I called local vet vs. regular vet (though I should just call it $35 farm call vet vs. $75 farm call vet) and he came out Saturday morning bright and early. I really like both vets and have learned (from experience…) that it is nice to have two vets that you like/are on good terms with. Not that I’m on bad terms per se with the others…but there are some I just don’t trust my animals with… Having good working relationships with these two means I hopefully will always have someone I trust who will come out. Anyway, I called local vet because this was a pretty straightforward situation. I just needed someone to come out and stain her eye and leave me with meds and instructions.


Friday when I was trying not to kick walls and cuss.


Saturday after staining/meds.

Paige was, as usual, a saint for everything despite the pain. Dr. M loves Paige. All of his time at my farm has been with her and the donkeys really, and his opinion of her just grows higher each time he sees her. Last time was when she choked and was easy for everything and this time was the same. He made several comments like, “at least she’s really good for all of this so it’ll be easy for you to medicate her on your own” and “gosh, she’s just such a sweet mare.” All while he’s feeling her eyelid to make sure nothing is still in the eye to worsen her condition. So he diganosed her with a small corneal ulcer and gave me two sets of topical meds and oral banamine paste.

After we got her eye squared away I asked about trotting her for him and he said that while he’s not the best lameness vet, he’d look at her. She didn’t get any worse with flexions, but he determined that it was her left front, grade 1. I didn’t remember to mention this to him, but when I’d lunged her the day before to evaluate, she seemed off in the back end too, but even more subtly than in the front, neither of which were occurring before the shoes. :/ He recommended having her reset and seeing what happened, then pursuing an entire lameness workup from another vet (he recommended a specialist in NC, but I’d just call my other vet because he’s the lameness wizard) if the lameness persists. He said no more off than she is, to just bute her before I ride.


Doesn’t mind meds as long as I let her chase them with cookies.

Which brings me to my conundrum. I sent in the entries for the dressage show before finding the eyeball issue. I can give her a little bute and have a sound horse easily enough, I did the other day to ride our tests and get a feel for things, but I can’t have her out in the sunlight with a dilated eye from the atropine drops without a fly mask…

So…now what (other than wait on the farrier…)? *yet more headdesk*


At least her outfit is on point.