Product Reviews, Part 1 Ariat Probaby Flames

So I have two new additions to my Paypal credit balance horse riding wardrobe. Both of these items were necessities, and I had coupons/sales, so I pounced.

First, the Ariat Probaby Flame boots. I bought these when State Line Tack was having a 20% off of everything sale. You know, one of those sales that Ariat laughs at and says, no, our products stay the same price, deal with it. So, to appease buyers, State Line Tack threw a $20 gift card on the table as consolation. Yes, please.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Product Reviews, Part 1 Ariat Probaby Flames

My lovely antique andirons photo bombing the boots.

At first they were beyond stiff, but I had to keep reminding myself that my current boots a) felt like socks, they were so broke in, and b) were a billion years old (or seven…). Mainly the new boots were tight over the top of my right foot and at the back of both ankles. I suffered through it and wore them around the house and shopping, etc. It was a couple of weeks before I committed to wearing them during a day of working on the farm since they would get muddy were stiff.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Product Reviews, Part 1 Ariat Probaby Flames

Yes, the boots on the left used to be as tall as the new boots…

It really wasn’t fair to compare them to my old Probabies at first since they needed a breaking in period, but now, I can compare them. I’ve been wearing my new boots daily for a couple months now, and they’ve broke in really well. Now that the fit is acceptable, I can tell you about my favorite part! The color. Yes, my turquoise love is strong, that you knew. These are more teal, but the love is still strong, especially with the teal stitching on the toes. Go Ariat for that detail.

So while I love the fit and the look of the boots, there is one thing that makes me scratch my head about this pair in particular. My old Probabies had a smooth leatherish material on the inside of the shaft, and until that material started to peel from 7 years of use, I never noticed the shaft of the boot around my leg.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Product Reviews, Part 1 Ariat Probaby Flames

A Soft Spot for Stars- Product Reviews, Part 1 Ariat Probaby Flames

For some reason, Ariat decided that they inside of the Flame Probaby should have felt/fleece fabric lining the shaft. Interesting…but hot. You’ll also note that despite the condition of my old boots, the seams on the side have a more polished look to them (plus the grabby holes to aid in putting the boots on…I miss that…). I paid the same ($119ish) back in 2008 for my old boots, so I guess this is their way of avoiding raising the price? Not sure, but I’m hoping the felt/fleece insides become less noticeable over time, because this summer my calves have been staying pretty warm. If only that meant that they would shrink…

All things considered, I’m happy with my purchase. Do I think these boots will hold up for seven years like my last ones? Not really. The only saving grace these boots have where that is concerned is that Jason bought me insulated winter Muck boots this year, so I doubt I’ll be wearing these through the winter snow/mud/nastiness as I did my last pair of boots.

As for that bonus $20 gift card to State Line Tack? I spent it pretty quickly on a Heart to Horse Box. I didn’t take any pictures of the contents, but I may do that soon for another review.