The Herd


Paige and Copper

My herd consists of four horses, four mini donks, and a couple boarder horses.

They are a pretty chill bunch to be honest. The donks can be trouble occasionally…but in the most adorable, endearing sort of way. They will stalk you and try to eat your clothes, but most of my visitors don’t mind because the donkey cuteness is often overwhelming. They’re often the first creatures that people meet when they come by to visit.


My horses are typically the in your pocket type. They love people, and, as you can probably tell from their size, love food even more. They are rarely grouchy, and happily live outside 24/7 and enjoy being horses on the full turn out life.

Paige is the horse you can crawl on whenever, wherever and get the same ride. She’s a good, solid mare that is consistent and helps me maintain some confidence with riding. At her worst, she can be lazy, but that’s my fault for riding aimlessly and not sticking with any sort of game plan. She is my horsey therapy when I’ve had a bad day and need to ride without thinking. Paige has many miles on her as she was a trail horse for an older man before I purchased her. He competed in ACTHA trail rides with Paige before deciding to pursue the more fast paced sport of reining.


Riding Paige while Robin grazes.

Paige is also the mother to Joey, my 2017 dunskin APHA gelding by Hollywood Reminic. I tried (unsuccessfully) to breed Paige to a couple different stallions in 2015 and gave up on breeding only to win a free breeding to Hollywood Reminic in 2016. Paige became pregnant on the first shipment and had an uncomplicated pregnancy, quick and easy delivery and exceeded everyone’s expectations by giving me Joey. I definitely think this baby was meant to be mine. He’s pretty much my dream horse and I can’t believe my luck. He’s currently in training to compete in APHA ranch horse classes.


Joey and Paige


Such a good two year old. 😍

Robin is a sweet mare who I love dearly and she’ll either outlive us all or die on this farm with me. I’ve had Robin since she was 8 months old and am to blame for why she’s such a weirdo. She’s not my favorite of my herd to ride because she can be spooky on occasion and is sensitive to bugs and other external stimuli. She’s not above dropping to the ground and rolling with you on her if a scary bug bites her and jumping sideways to avoid a scary tree that she’s co-existed with for the last 15 years of her life isn’t out of the ordinary either. She may get in your bubble occasionally, but that’s my fault for raising her like a big dog. Robin is one of the most neurotic loving horses on the farm.


Robin and Copper

Copper is a 2006 Appaloosa gelding. It took some time (and a great trainer) before Copper and I started to work together well as a team. We spent 2014 with a trainer getting my confidence back after several years out of the saddle. I was hoping he and I could one day compete in dressage/western dressage here locally, but we’ve been up against it with lameness issues. After a year of mysterious lamenesses in 2016, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which we treated successfully. In the spring of 2018 he was diagnosed with navicular in both front feet and is mostly retired to pasture life with occasional riding. He is the inspiration for the naming of this blog, because he epitomizes my affinity for ponies with stars.



For more info about these crazies and how they came to be mine, you can follow the links below:

Joey (1, 2, 3, 4)



Copper (more background here)


2 thoughts on “The Herd

  1. Greetings Paige:
    I’m relocating to SW Virginia for retirement; looking for an adult lesson program in Western ranch / dressage. Would you be so kind as to PM me?

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