Thirty Before Thirty

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Go hiking more often
  3. Go trail riding more often, possibly to complete the New River Trail? 1 ; 2
  4. Overnight trail ride
  5. Jump something?
  6. Drive the truck and trailer *gulp*
  7. Dressage show (Western or English)
  8. Have an artist draw my herd
  9. Travel somewhere internationally
  10. Go tubing/canoeing/kayaking
  11. Learn different braids
  12. Finish writing a book
  13. Contribute in some way (fostering, etc.) to horse rescue
  14. Visit ten new states (this will be daunting because I’ve done most of the east coast)
  15. Enter a photography contest
  16. Enter a writing contest
  17. Submit something for publication
  18. Show consistently enough to be qualified for a year end award
  19. Complete ten crafts (sewing,etc.) from my pinterest boards
  20. Learn more about web design/3D modeling, graphic design
  21. Ride in a clinic
  22. Commit to getting in better shape
  23. Bake and decorate a cake (that is edible…)
  24. Visit a friend out of state
  25. Take regular lessons
  26. Ride Paige bridleless
  27. Try some new art related hobby
  28. Walk the dogs more often/take them on hikes
  29. Host a holiday party (Halloween, Christmas, NYE)
  30. Plant a tree/plants at the barn

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